Michael Edwards




Isn’t air wonderful!

You can fill your lungs with it.

You can make rude noises with it.

You fill the tyres on your car with it.

You can even pump up your camping bed with it.

                 And if put an ‘H’ in front of it                   

you can put it on your head.



    Thank you MICHEAL for a poem that is both light enough and profound enough to herald a New Year. Our atmosphere is perfect to sustain life (flora & fauna) on Earth. Mostly inert NITROGEN (78%) Just enough OXYGEN (21%) for life ~ noble gasses (ARGON etc) and 0.04% CARBON DIOXIDE for photosynthesis. Please protect our Trees and Greenbelts. Air helps Planet earth to be a Living Planet ~ Thanks for sharing ~ Love the visual ~ Yours BRIAN. Please check my poems ~ Thanks B.

  • WriteBeLight

    Ha Ha! That is very light!

  • Michael Edwards

    Thank you both - will look up your latest Brian.

  • Augustus

    Light and fun. Happy New Year to you too.

  • P.H.Rose

    Ha ha love this
    As at the top
    Of a mountain
    H..air can be thin..
    Happy new year
    To you and yours

  • willyweed

    light as air! Happy New Year Michael! ww

  • Christina8

    Very nice artwork and a nice fun poem to go with. Happy New Year!-Christina

  • Michael Edwards

    Thank you everyone

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