M O B I L E P H O N E S ~ An Acrostic


M  OBILE  PHONES ~  cursed Mobile Phones 

O  HOW  I hate your fobile moans 

B   LINKIN'  ~ ringin' night an' day

I    REALLY  wish you'd go away !

L   EAVE me in peace like I used to be 

E   XTENSION  OFF ~ no one could bother me !


P   HONES  were OK ~ when first invented 

H   ARD  to the wall they were cemented 

O   NLY  the rich had them in houses

N   ICE  to keep in touch with Spouses ~ BUT

E   XTRA phones  began to sprout ~ so you didn't have to shout

S   OON  it was worse ~ Phones became Mobile ~ cruel Satanic Curse !


Thanks for listening ~ Comments welcome ~ Love to all BRIAN XOX


All my American Friends forget they are SIX HOURS behind and keep

sending me TRUMP CALLS  @ 2 3 & 4 am (GMT)  from their MOBILES !

60% (4.8 billion) of the Worlds Population now own a MOBILE PHONE 

It is ~ Hell on Earth ~ They have spelled the end of PEACE & PRIVACY !


  • Tony36

    Great write, mobile phones are quite a pain at times


      True TONY ~ and not just a PAIN IN TH EAR ! BRIAN

      • Tony36


      • willyweed

        I threw mind away years ago
        these new smart phones make people ignorant and stupid, just saying!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          YES WILLY I AGREE ~ Depends what stage of life your are in. Its the same with emails ~ at home and at work I get well over 100 emails every day ! Less than 5% are relevant ! It's the same with mobiles but you have to have an email number if you are in the REAL WORLD and people also assume you have a MOBILE NUMBER or you are regarded as a HOBO ~ so you are OK (joke !) Thanks ~ Loved your joint poem with CHRIS ~ great combo ~ BRIAN

        • Christina8

          Absolutely wonderful poem! I own a cell phone but it isn't very smart! lol I only give my number out for important people. Texting has become a pain in the rear especially the tone when its inconvenient to go off! I remember when they were just carphones with big battery packs. That was in the 90's. Yes, it is bothersome when someone in a different time zone decides to call or text and you're trying to sleep. Or when you're driving. Excellent piece! HUGS! Christina (where do I send the $50? lol)

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks CHRIS ~ Of course as a responsible Hockey Mum you must own a CELL PHONE ~ but you must also respect your own privacy and that of others. Of course I would never phone you at 9am (GMT) when it's only 3am for you ~ lol ! Car phones can be dangerous and phones which send a picture of you on the phone (you might be on the throne or in the shower !) even more dangerous like SKYPE which has a lot to answer for ! We are both young enough to be ""21st Century Babes" but I would rather it be 1917 than 2017 ~ life was much less frenetic and we would have the "Raving 20's" to look forward to ~ especially in Chicago ! Thanks for a reasoned comment ~ BRIAN My mailing address is on its way to yours ~ Thanks B

          • Jmanning5

            Great write

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks JM pleased you liked it ~ BRIAN

            • Summersounds68

              Brian, I own a dummy phone and use it when my husband I get separated at large box stores. I think of it as a walkie-talkie. Happy New Year. ~ Sonia

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Great comment SONIA ~ Made me smile ~ I remember WALKIE TALKIES great big things ~ used by the Military ~~ not like today's mobiles. Getting lost in a strange Town is not much fun and I have seen mobiles used in that situation. The thing I object to about ALL PHONES ~ is that they take priority however inconvenient a situation you are in ! Yours BRIAN

              • Daniel

                When I was a kid phones were only as mobile as the cord would let, great write Brian!

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  THANKS DANIEL ~ Many people consider that the ubiquitous MOBILE is a "Device too far" ! BRIAN

                • omgoli

                  Far too true for everyone in the U.S. School is now consumed with technology!

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks OMG ~ I dont remember 1917 but my Grandparents told me it was better because ELECTRONICS had not been invented ! ~ Yours BRIAN

                  • laralove

                    Technology of that kind are a curse if used solely to isolate and distract oneself. Nice poem :)

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      Thanks for your comment CAITLIN ~ Yes they certainly can ISOLATE & DISTRACT ~ very antisocial ! Yoiurs BRIAN

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