4 words, 4 lines...love, hate, light, dark.


Using one different word per line,
Please create a short poem...
Here's mine....love to read yours
I LOVE my life with my wonderful kin,
I HATE when they leave this quiet house I'm left in
The LIGHT when they're here illuminates every room
But DARK then falls when they leave oh!! Too soon....

The SOUND of your angelic voice
The TOUCH of your warm embrace
The SMELL of your sweet perfume
Cant beat the SIGHT of your beautiful face

WINTER is an indoor season ~ all is quiet
SPRING the birds wake up and kick up a riot
SUMMER sounds ~ street music and the cricket
AUTUMN ~ Hunting horns as Fox breaks from the thicket !

She TOUCHED the dress she wore in dreams,
and STROKED the silken needle lace.
She HELD the dress she wore that night
and FELT the bleached white calico.

Just NORTH of California I have a little ranch
I had left home back EAST after failed romance
I fought for SOUTH till Sherman did advance Now I'm heading out WEST for another second chance

It's so SAD to see you leave
But I'm HAPPY when you return
I'm so blessed when you are HERE
cuz when you're GONE its you i yearn

I LOVE the sounds of falling rain.
I HATE when clouds obscure the sun.
A mind in DARK obscure of pain,
A mind in LIGHT sounds of life begun.

Love, there should be much of,
Hate, belongs in the trash.
Light, will fall down upon us,
Dark, will hide our past.

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  • Maichael

    Wow! Amazing!!

    • P.H.Rose

      Thank you for those
      Wonderful lines...

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