Michael Edwards




Waves buffet rocks and boulders

worn smooth, reflecting light

dressed with oceans glistening coat

dividing funnelled foaming fingers

reaching out at oceans edge.



  • P.H.Rose

    I like both...
    5 lines can
    say more
    Than 50....

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks PH.
    So much poetry today is dominated by poems about 'me me me' - you know what I mean: I feel sad, I'm so hard done by, I've lost my love, woe is me, etc etc. Don't get me wrong there's some great stuff out there but I much prefer poems that paint a picture and or tell a storey and or transport you to another place - or make you smile!!

    You know it's a great shame this site doesn't have a forum to exchange ideas. there's some talent on this site and it would be great to exchange ideas, chat about thought processes and inspiration, different poetry forms and styles etc.


    Thanks MICHAEL ~ I love free verse poetry ~ it flows free ~ like the tide ! Love the visual too. I agree with your comment to PHR our communication is too trite and transient. I like to post Acrostics ~ Sonnets ~ HAIKU etc and do add a word of explanation. On FUSION I do encourage Members to submit HAIKU etc. Thanks for caring BRIAN Please check my latest poem ~ Thanks B

  • Michael Edwards

    Cheers Brian - have done.

  • Tony36

    Great write and great picture

  • WriteBeLight

    Ominous! Excellent! Great!

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks Kat, Tony and WBL

  • Suresh

    You paint a beautiful picture here - in both art forms.
    Do we not like to pick up treasures brought in by them those waves

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