Michael Edwards




As winters curfew takes its leave

from mournful biting winds that blow

the night time sky removes its casque.


And bringing forth quiescent warmth

the lowest beams of winter’s sun

cast natures spectral shadows wide.


Well hidden there from cursory view

the roofs below perceived through mists,

a place where honest people live.


A people who in life well versed

with work and song which time divides

and never shamed by false report.




  • Terry dailey

    Indeed a great write


    Thanks MICHAEL ~ Evocative painting of "Middle England" coupled with a elegant Poem. I love "free verse" poems penned in "triplets" with perfect meter ! Perfect both to read and recite ~ Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN.

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks so much for the encouragement Hippy and Brian - this is also my favourite verse form (at the moment anyway).

  • P.H.Rose

    Really lovely poem
    Michael and a very
    Good picture fantastic
    Colours in it... very nice
    Well done sir on both

  • WriteBeLight

    Lovely tribute and painting!

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks for looking and commenting PH and WBL - much appreciated.

  • Tony36

    Love the poem, and love the painting

  • Augustus

    The meter was so flowing I had to read it again as I swore there was rhyme. A tribute to your towne.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Augustus - must say it is one of my favourites,

    • Tristan Robert Lange

      Phenomenal poem! Very descriptive and has a nice flow to it. Loved it!

      • Michael Edwards

        You are too kind - thanks so much Triange

      • Fay Slimm.

        Both picture and verse show fervour for clarity's detailed minutia with their artistic peep into winter's beauty. A thoroughy engaging use of both word and form.

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