Feel Alive Again

there's this girl

who I once knew

she cuts her wrist

to just feel alive again


she's felt numb,

for quite a while now

but she didn't tell you

cause she was scared to


you now notice the scars

buried there on her wrist

and you start trying

to ask her why


but all she tells you,

is that its the only way

to have control of all the pain

she feels every day


you tell her,

to open up and talk to you

but all she does

is closes up around you


all she wants,

is to feel alive

so she cuts her wrist

tell they bleed a crimson red


she doesn't want to go on

she wants to end it all

but she doesn't,

only cause of you


you tell her,

to please stop cutting

cause your scared,

you might lose her


but all she tells you,

is she just wants to feel alive

and this is the only way

that she thinks she can


so all you can think to do,

is hug her tightly

telling her that everything

will one day be okay


and she wants to believe you,

she really does

but to be honest

she's really scared to


cause all she's ever known

is putting that cold blade

to her warm skin

and creating those scars


well that girl,

you thought you knew

is slowly falling apart

away from you


she's just saying goodbye

cause she can't deal with,

all this pain,

she feels inside


so goodbye world

cause it was you,

who destroyed,

that little girl, you once knew



















    Thanks for sharing VICTORIA ~ a chilling poem but in my experience it has a ring of truth. I have known several people who in the end killed themselves (in a variety of ways) ~ JUST TO FEEL ALIVE ! Take care ~ thinking of you 24/7 ~ BRIAN

    • berdnt_victoria

      Thank you BRIAN! I have tried multiple times.. but it failed each time..

    • My_Brain

      This poem gave me the feels. I hope you know that you are a very good poet and you have lots of people that really enjoy reading your poems everyday. And your not alone in this world, I've felt the way your feeling to and there is a way out. I'm here if you need to talk! great poem! ~Bella

      • berdnt_victoria

        Thank you! I have been writing poems for almost a year now and it does help me get a lot of emotions out. I will be posting another one today. I hope that you'll read it.

      • willyweed

        this is brilliant that's all I'll say'

      • Terry dailey

        Good write. I experiemced this very thing with my own daughter. I walked through each word written. To cut a wrist is a slash of a soul. Releasing pain on drops of of blood instead of tears. Now my daughter lives a new dream of life ... VICTORIA living through a nightmare with such a great poem to bring here has brought life to many. A true poet envokes emotion you have done this true poet.....GOOD JOB

        • berdnt_victoria

          Thank you so much! I'm doing a lot better. I actually think I might become a poet when I get older. Cutting doesn't always help I found out.. it just creates scars that won't go away..

          • Terry dailey

            Poetry knows no age limit. A poets heart is from birth... Again i must say it was well written.

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