What I've found.

I found a bit of lego

at the side of the couch

it was a pretty mean bit

it made me say ouch


I found a big green crayon

on the floor beside the wall

I knew who had left it there

their hand reached to four foot tall


I found half a sausage

under the kids bed

it must have been there for weeks

even the mould on it was dead


I found a big snail

going round the kids room

they wanted the smallest of engine

to see if it would go broom


I found a left arm and leg

from some poor teddy bear

apparently it had an operation

another unsuccessful repair


I have found lots of other things

painful, creepy and gruesome

Sometimes even really funny

from my teeny tiny two sons


  • Phoenix8523

    Delightfully written! Thanks so much for sharing! -- phoenix


    WELCOME MAMMY ~ Thanks for a heat warming first poem ~ the joys of being a MAMMY and with two Boys. Loved all the things you found in 2006 ~ God only knows what you're finding 10 years o ! Thanks for saving and sharing ! Yours BRIAN (UK)

    • mammyo3

      well I have found another kid and plenty of other horrors lol I am finding it great going back over older stuff I done when they were little so am glad if I bring a smile to someone else's face

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