Heart on Fire

I put my heart in the fire and Fire spoke to me, of days of blazing glory, leveling forests and cities, memories from burning log cabins, and barns full of hay. Fire noted my dismay.

Cherished  were reflections on man's ability to cook meat over eating it raw, to provide the luxury of warmth which allowed for exploration to uninhabitable areas without hypothermia. Fire's admiration for oxygen was moving as my love for woman. Much of the conversation was enhanced by pictorial displays from shades of red on a canvas of smoke.


We spoke of birth– with Earth, Air and Water, the first day Fire met God, God his Father, free will or accepting the Creator's advice, versus that of the Devil, a throw of the dice. We labored on candles snuffed out one day– and dying embers, dead Vikings floating away in ships of burning timbers, all things to ash reduced by flame and the souls release from whence it came. There was much talk of pyres at which point the eyes of Fire lit alive and danced with pleasure, licking my body, hunting for treasure, searing it for good measure, flames of unabashed desire. Yes we spoke much of Ash and Pyre.



 Augustus / Folsom, LA / January 2017




    GREAT POEM "A" And a great reminder the we are not immortal. Fire is a paradox because it both destroys and it purifies. This is the symbolism of CREMATION which is now more popular in the UK. In a survey 75% (3 out of 4) of adults said they would b prefer to be CREMATED rather than BURIAL. In cremation the BODY is burned (destroyed) but the SOUL is purified and released ~ AMEN. Thanks for caring BRIAN Please check my Poem ~ BRIAN.

    • Augustus

      Thank you Brian. Then your elements can return quickly to earth where they can be used again.

    • Dford1

      Quite the visual journey!

      • Augustus

        Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope not too gory.

      • tepo

        exciting read Augustus
        enjoyed this

        • Augustus

          Thanks for commenting.

        • notapoet

          What a excellent and masterful piece of poetry you have created my friend, a real pleasure to read!

          • Augustus

            Wow. Love the comment. Glad you enjoyed.

            • Augustus

              On top of the comment you favored it. Thanks again.

            • P.H.Rose

              Very good sir,
              So Very good..

              • Augustus

                Thanks so much.

              • WriteBeLight

                You are so gifted Augustus. The words made me sad though. :(

                • Augustus

                  I don't know about gifted. I work hard at it. This one started with the first line popping into my head and then it just took off from there. There are ideas. Then to try to come up with words that rhyme that tell that idea. Hey I'm preaching to the choir here. You know the routine. Thanks for your comment. P.S. Just accepted into clinical trial at MD Anderson.

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Well, I think you are gifted. Thanks for letting me know about your great news Augustus! I am sure your mind is reeling. I will keep you in my thoughts. Ask a lot of questions. Keep me posted. This is great for you!

                  • janetaylor

                    there are many layers of depth in this beautiful piece ~ magically penned!

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