My Angel

I'd do anything to be able

to call my mom on the phone today

And talk to her about my day and

tell her I love her and say


"Thank You" for being my mother

you did your best while you were here

I remember when you said you had cancer

I cried so hard, till I had no more tears


Sometimes I dream of you at night

watching over me from above.

I wish I could give you one last hug

I know you knew how much you were loved.




  • Hopey_xx

    Beautiful poem.. so sorry for you :( Remain strong

    • Christina8

      Thank you so much! I will.


      MOTHERS CHRISTINA ~ Are all Angels and irreplaceable. Sometimes GOD only spares them for us for a while and then calls them back to Heaven. Even Jesus needed a Mother ~ MARY~ but in His case He was called back to Heaven before Her and John became her adopted Son. Praise GOD that you had your Mom fo so long and that you have very happy memories and no regrets. Thinking of you and praying for you. I am so pleased that you have an assurance she is safe in Heaven and she will know ~ just how much she was LOVED ! ~ Your Spiritual Brother BRIAN.

      • Christina8

        Thank you so much for your reassurance. Always love your feedback. THanks again! Hugs-Christina

      • WriteBeLight

        She doesn't need the phone Christina. I am pretty sure she hears your every word. :)

        • Christina8

          I think you are right! I needed to hear that. Thanks so much!

          • WriteBeLight


          • NB

            your words are gentle, but they hit hard.. & that would be just a true poet, I guess.. I'm really sorry for your loss, & also, this poem is one of the most beautiful dedications I got to read...

            • Christina8

              I really appreciate your honesty and I thank you for the read. I appreciate what you said about the dedication.

            • clark_taylor

              All I have to say is that she heard every beautiful and touching word. I'm so sorry for your loss. Please never stop writing. ❤️ Much Love.

              • Christina8

                Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!

              • notapoet

                Beautiful tribute Christina, My heart goes out to you, my mother is still fighting the fight.....

                • Christina8

                  Thanks so much! I pray for you and your mother...

                • clark_taylor

                  All I have to say is that she heard every beautiful and touching word. I'm so sorry for your loss. Please never stop writing. ❤️ Much Love.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Just beautiful - don't we all miss our mums - and dads

                  • Christina8

                    Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

                  • P.H.Rose

                    Oh!! lady that was beautiful.
                    Love in every letter..
                    I'd like to say what a
                    Really lovely daughter
                    She raised and can be
                    Proud of... I love my
                    Daughters and am so
                    Proud of them so
                    I should know...
                    I love your poems.
                    Thank you...

                    • Christina8

                      Yes she was loved but I never knew how much I would miss her...
                      Thank you for such a compliment. I really appreciate it! Christina

                    • My_Brain

                      Cancer is a terrible thing that takes away very good people. Beautiful poem. ~Bella

                      • Christina8

                        You are so right. Thanks for your wonderful reply. I appreciate it!

                      • berdnt_victoria

                        This reminded me of my dad when he died.. He was really sick.. I still miss him every day..

                        • Christina8

                          Well, I don't know how long it's been since your dad has been gone, but I can say that it does get easier with time. Sorry for your loss. Thanks for reading!

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