beyond the garden wall

Look I saw them right out there

Right out there in blackness of the night


Beyond where those deep shadows fall

There out in the little graveyard


Out there just beyond the garden wall

Those spirits here don’t rest in peace


 Why no not all they are to have them

They are here to a spirits Ball!


A spirits celebration of a glorious delight

Spirits celebrating glowing in the night


These Graceful dead are not resting here

You see there the glimpse glowing effervescence light


Soaring free spirits of the children with delight

Spirits bathing in the glory of the sacred

Spirit Children of the Fathers


There amid the headstones of the graves

That hold their Human frames

 A tiny gilded captive cage


 That held their Gods spark spirit captive until spiritratrow fled when fell open long years ago in shadows

to have a spirit ball


 Out in the little graveyard after the night falls

Celebrate the spirits at the



For they are there I saw them there

Beyond the garden way

 Beyond shadows






  • My_Brain

    I love the flow of this poem! ~Bella

    • willyweed

      My sweet Bella Girl I bet with you\\\'re in
      tellect You could write it any way you choose and I am very sorry if I said any thing off the cuff I was not being ...I kind Of flipped my wig so to speak and I I hope and pray you accept

    • willyweed

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      KING $um=me=OF4u+U+ALl nogo#& astral soptlastET+ frame+wetblanlky nugono doo top HEVE DADDIOHOM me Ugo #&pairdice ba dupe doo? weknockteepeeove

    • Augustus

    • Augustus

      Willi. interesting concept of the ball for the spirits. Nicely done.

      I am having a little trouble understanding your " comment from the author" and the reply to My_Brain. Hugs dude.

    • Michael Edwards

      Great one but the comments are a bit challenging - but then again I am challenged.

    • illia

      I love your poetic sarcasm, your commentary of what's to be or not to be, the matter of all atoms, the atoms that matter. We are all but gas and air, matter is matter and if it matters that much then the matter of facts will be highlighted, love it. Its all in the flow 😉

    • WriteBeLight

      Liked your poem. Should I cut and paste the Author's comment and reply in another Font? Or is it a secret code? :)

    • janetaylor

      great creative write!

      • willyweed

        oh well your beauty makes it that much sweeter
        my child of God you that you are, sweet dreams for you

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