If I Could See.

The door appears to be open, but somehow I still feel locked out

As I step into the room of wide eyes I look around, mine are the only pair that seem to be closed, but they are stuck that way, I try and try yet my eyelids do not part

From within the silence I can hear the great nothing, my lack of sight has heightened my other senses and cleared a path in my mind, a path for my feelings of anxiety 

The heartbeats filling the empty space seem to be effortlessly marching to a uniform beat, I am alone in that fact that my sound is somewhat irregular, I am too fast, too far ahead, but I do not feel like I am winning, I cannot slow down, I cannot find my footing

I flinch as something grabs my hand, to the naked eye it is stable, but I have been shaking for quite some time now

But I listen again, something has changed, I can hear a beat just like my own, it is fast, too fast, I am not the only one who is far ahead

We have all been alone, there is no such thing as a universal crowd, we are too unique, I listen again, everyone sounds a little different when you look closely enough






    WELCOME BEE ~ Thanks for your first POEM. I like free verse because it does not restrict linguistic eloquence ! I like the structure ~ you have chosen ~ lined to the left as I look at it. It looks like a random crowd of people which is subject of your poem ~ OK. I am not ENOCHIPHOBIC (afraid of crowds !) provided there is still plenty of clear space ~ I don't like being crushed and I feel claustrophobic in lifts ! I have friends who don't like CROWDS and it can make life difficult ! Thanks for sharing ~ Thinking of you ~ Thanks BRIAN.

    • yellowbee

      Thank you Brian, I didn't even think of the structure that way, visually I mean!

    • laurennmckenna

      'I cant write poems' okay then okay

      • yellowbee

        is this a compliment I cant even tell, I may have wrote this in tutoR

        • laurennmckenna

          YES it is and QUICK THINKING MA MADRE

        • Hopey_xx

          Great poem, love it!
          I'm not particularly a fan of crowds either, I feel alone in them more than surrounded by people! xD

          • yellowbee

            sorry to hear it :(( I hope you adjust to crowds on day, I hope we both do :)) also thank you!!

          • S.L Appleby

            I really liked this especially the last part " We have all been alone, there is no such thing as a universal crowd, we are too unique, I listen again, everyone sounds a little different when you look closely enough"

            • yellowbee

              Thank you! I actually wasn't too sure about that line

            • janetaylor

              absolutely superb! sublime! the depth of your description strikes the soul with a mighty force. a job well done!

              • yellowbee

                description is usually my downfall but thank you!!

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