Michael Edwards




In afterlife I can’t conceive,

I’ve no belief in God or fable,

and when they say I should believe

I reply: ‘I’m just not able’


And when my last breath’s gone away

and to the graveyard off I go,

I’ll be denied the chance to say:

‘You see, I told you so!’




  • Fay Slimm.

    Oh - I love the watercolour Michael and as for the poetic confession of non-belief I can imagine God smiling at that very last line - as I did. x

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks so much Fay. My wife is a practising Christian and in over 50 years of marriage we have never had a bad word between us on the subject - it's tolerance and respect that makes the world go round.

      • Fay Slimm.

        Yes too true Michael - the difference between love and not caring for other opinions shows in a long-term relationship - your own is a fine example of tolerance with 50 years of sound proof.

      • Tony36

        Made me lagh, love it, and the painting in AWESOME

      • janetaylor

        that created a smile :0) my son is an atheist, he would appreciate this! yet i agree with your and fay's exchange....what do opinions matter when there is love in a relationship. the painting is gorgeous and i love that you let us know where the paintings end up. so fascinating. wonderful art and poetry!

        • Michael Edwards

          Thaks so much Janet

          • janetaylor

            michael ~ thank you for your kind friendship.....just wanted to mention that my name is not janet, though i can see your confusion since my name is written all together. my name is jane, but my friends call me janey. have a great day and i look forward to reading more of your poetry! best, janey

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          • WriteBeLight

            Like that point of view and excellent artwork!

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks WBL - I usually keep my own counsel when it comes to religous matters but the thought in the last line of the poem just struck as being so amusing.

            • Christina8

              I think the painting is beautiful and the last line of the poem is quite funny,(the poem is great!) but I choose to believe differently. Thats why this is such a great site. Thanks for sharing!

              • Michael Edwards

                Thanks Christina - I do think we are all equal and none of us should be backward in respectfully declaring a viewpoint and it's great that it has received along these lines.

              • Augustus

                What I love about the folks here is the exchange above. We disagree on something that could be highly inflammatory. In other countries people loose their heads over this, literally. But you have a difference of opinion and we joke about it. Thanks for your delightful poem.

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