My Veggie Buddy


So, I’m sitting here,

About to start lunch.

Will tell you about something,

I just love so much.


I waitressed a lot,

When I was a youngster.

Once an uneaten garnish,

That was tossed in the dumpster.


But, today it is,

One of the biggest crazes.

Written about quite often,

On health magazine pages.


You can pulverize it,

Into a shake.

Or, have it like me,

Into a salad, I make.


Loaded with vitamins,

A very healthy food.

Good for the digestion,

For your plumbing, it’s good.


No Fat or Cholesterol,

And, very low in Sodium.

Some Protein, Vitamin A,

Very high in Potassium.


My love for this thing,

I want to cheer and hail.

One of the best things out there,

My veggie buddy Kale.


After munching on a leaf,

I feel alert, not groggy.

Dressed in olive oil, Balsamic,

It never gets soggy.


In a perfect world,

In a perfect dream,

Maybe Kale with hot fudge,

Over chocolate chip ice cream.

  • Author: WriteBeLight (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 26th, 2017 06:27
  • Comment from author about the poem: What can I say. I love the stuff!
  • Category: Friendship
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  • Christina8

    Great poem! I salute you for eating kale! My favorite is baby spinach. I agree with kat--need it with dressing! A fantastic write!

    • WriteBeLight

      I love spinach, as well. I tried juicing both, and found it delicious, but I have them in a salad or omelete. And, dressing is a must, I agree! Thanks Christina!

    • Tony36

      Great write

      • WriteBeLight

        Thanks Tony!

        • Tony36


        • Michael Edwards

          Brilliant and I love the idea of kale with fudge - almost as good as kippers with custard or custard tart curry. As for rabbits I was raised on a rabbit farm and just love the little creatures.

          • WriteBeLight

            We had two rabbits when I was a kid. I loved them so much! The kippers and custard sound yummy! Thanks for the comment Michael!

          • Padders

            I really like this, can relate a lot. Very funny.

          • Corey

            Good evening WritebeLight, I actually just tried kale in 2016 and I love it! I now use it in my salads, soups and stir fry.

            Great write! 🙂

            • WriteBeLight

              Good morning Corey! 🙂 That is great. It is always wonderful to find a food you can eat that is satisfying and healthy, as well. I will try the stir fry. Did not think of that. It certainly can stand up to all kinds of preparations. Thanks for the recipe idea! Thanks again.

              • Corey

                You're welcome. Have a pleasant weekend!

                • WriteBeLight

                  You too!

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