Aborigines have no word for time

Time out of time.

The past,present and future co exist

Rocks and trees and people are as one

Their mental map lays out the sacred places,

Cherished is their place of birth

where their first kick puts them on that map

Telling stories of how the earth was made

Bonds the group together with the land.

The linear sword now cuts ever forward through the seconds

Leaving the memories of the rocks and trees to turn to stone



    Thanks PHILLIP ~ for sharing an elegant first POEM. It is excellent in Presentation and Precept. Are you Australian ? The ABORIGINAL People of Australia are very beautiful in appearance and culture and temperament ! I love the infinite concept of EVERYWHEN ~ all time is PRESENT no Past and no Future ~ just NOW ! Thanks for haring ~ Please check my Poems ~ Thanks BRIAN

  • Pintu Mahakul

    This very amazing poem that mesmerizes mind of a reader. Really this is very interesting.

  • janetaylor

    this is EXCELLENT poetry. i once talked to a psychologist who had studied their culture and he said that they found ZERO depression! they are too much in the now. they are not caught up in anxiety and stress. beautifully penned!!

  • MendedFences27

    No time - no stress. No deadlines, no obligations. Life is beautiful. A peaceful, loving culture. We could all learn a lot from them, like how to care for this Earth. Good poem, good imagery, nice flow to it. - Phil A.

  • Fay Slimm.

    A wonderful tribute to the people of such wisdom who inhabited Australia long before any other nation - - having no word for Time is vital to experiencing the real self. Great read.

    • Philip

      Thank you for your comments Fay. They are mush appreciated. Phil.G

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