The robot on the floor, that's been decapitated

The dismantled car, that's no longer motivated

Half a packet of plasters stuck to the toybox

Some kind of experiment, dead spiders and 20 rocks

A karate mat and partially deflated kick bag

A five foot inflatable sports centre starting to sag

11 soft toys with a variety of inflictions

4 plastic cups with a variety of concoctions

28 connect-a-straws bent and chewed

2 my little computer that's pretty much screwed

3 yellow pegs attached to action man

A pencil holder made from a baby can

1 little orange drum sitting on its side

Another empty toy box that's two foot wide

A garage, a watch, a train and Tigger too

150 bits of magnetics thats been flushed down the loo

3 chunky books and one with no pages

3 little boys that should be in cages

2  inflatable batons and a wind up vibrating mouse

Just some of the over spill that lays about the house.



  • Author: mammyo3 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 29th, 2017 14:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: this is part of a collection I done, never published just written in a book called the mad mum collection, poems by a demented housewife, just a bit of fun and something for the kids to read when they are older.
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  • Samreen Chowdhury

    Great write!


    Thanks for scaring MAMMY ~ Boys will always be Boys ~ Men (as you know) never ever grow up ! Girls do (but as you also know) but they grow up to be MAMMIES to care for the BOYS ~ your are part of Natures Loop ~ ENJOY being a LOVING MAMMY ~ God Bless you real good ! Yours BRIAN (UK)

  • Jooles

    Lol loved this T....too true and too funny ... J x

    • mammyo3

      hey chick this was written whilst sitting in my hall looking at what the kids had done, serious at the time but writing is what kept me chilled enough to deal with it lol 🙂

      • Jooles


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