Fay Slimm.



Sent by guidance from divine sources
to over ripe hearts
sweet love-drops ooze vapour to sate
wishing-dry daydreams.
Waiting skin's heated craving for him
makes inner core start
wanting more taste of illusion's relief
thru' miraged feelings.

Breath heaving in ghostly waves below
night's gauzy-clad gown,
unveils desire to reveal potent image
of real clandestine.
Primed silken sheets of long-scented
waiting become wound
in untasted delight as moments burn
out on dark's lone pyre.

Aches vibrate soul-ward as soundless
tears begin drowning
while threads in love's almost-made
wings shatter in flight.
Thrown is fantasized lust on wanton
will as it sinks down
into rounded pillows that sewn for
yield feel but cold fire.

Can a heart stay submerged forever
in need's heady mist
before suffocating as loveless, ready
but never been kissed ?


  • Michael Edwards

    Words are there to be played with - great exercise that's come off well.

  • Fay Slimm.

    Thank you dear friends for your commendable comments - all truly encouraging.

  • WriteBeLight

    A visual sense-ation!

  • janetaylor

    passion filled words with a wonderful question left lingering in the air.....your poetry is laced with wisdom and has the touch that only a true poet can create ~ the pondering left in the reader's mind.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Many thanks Jane - - your comments are always so very encouraging.

    • Neville

      makes perfect sense to me... perfectly poemed too I might add and likewise deserving of more views and recognition.... I sincerely hope this kick starts the same..... Neville

      • Fay Slimm.

        Wow - -2017 - - this is an oldie if ever I saw one and needs methinks some tweaking in more than one place.. You pick verses only half-remembered Nev......... I truly appreciate your continued encouragement....................... x Fay

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