walking into the light

his writing caught everyone’s attention
like an artist i once saw on the street in québec
he stood out amongst the crowd in montréal
i asked to take his picture
he obliged

this writer is also canadian
and paints masterpieces
with words

his colorful lines sometimes float on jagged edges
brushes of sticky sugar coating are exchanged
for starker strokes of reality
tinged with weathered wisdom
creating shadows in his work
accentuating the light

there’s not a write of his
that does not stir emotions
his words linger
rolling around in your head
bumping into each other
morphing into new connotations
his easel alive

you wonder if he did that on purpose?
could anyone have that kind of talent?
yes…..his brush continues flowing
even after the paint is dry

suddenly at midnight i awaken
and hear another morsel
a word, a phrase, a color
that only made itself known
in the dark of night

understanding he's a favorite
i imagined audibly hearing a collective sigh
when he contracted cancer
would he now leave his canvas dry?

no, this courageous artist
bravely took his palette
and continued painting
his words that us awaken
now e’vn more radiant
with tragedy astride

and ‘tho he talks of dying
i pray that he will stay
but should his spirit fly
we have seen a master show us
how to walk into the light



  • Christina8

    What a beautiful poem! That last stanza really got me. Your poem is so full of description and admiration for this man. It shines through. Really nice picture too! Fantastic! Christina

    • janetaylor

      wow christina ~ your comment is beautiful....thank you so much!

    • Corey

      Wow, an absolutely beautiful and heartfelt tribute. Wonderfully well done!

      • janetaylor

        thank you so much corey! i really appreciate your comment.

      • WriteBeLight

        I bet you that he read this poem and is smiling brightly in the light!

        • janetaylor

          awww i hope so ~ thank you for your gorgeous comment!

        • Michael Edwards

          Just superb and could that be me in the photo? I think not - Im a lot tidier even though I do make a bit of a mess in the studio.

          • janetaylor

            ha ha ~ oh i wish i could see you at your easel! thanks michael!

            • Michael Edwards

              Just for you Jane Ive just posted photo of me in the studio which is where I'll be for the rest of today - see I work clean

            • P.H.Rose

              Oh that I could have a comment such as this..
              Jane that was so beautiful
              And that picture is a story
              In its self... I apologise
              For my lack of words to
              Match its beauty...

              • janetaylor

                awww thank you so much.....your kindness is really appreciated!

              • Edthepoet

                Wow this is excellent. I'm sorry to hear of Chris' passing, he was always very complimentary of my writing on Poetfreak and also gave me some priceless advice.

                • janetaylor

                  i know wasn't he wonderful! i am so glad you got to know him and his poetry. thank you for your awesome comment.

                • Tony36

                  Wonderfully written tribute to your friend

                  • janetaylor

                    thank you so much tony! he was amazing!

                    • Tony36


                    • ron parrish aka wordman

                      and we will all miss chris ,sweet tribute

                      • janetaylor

                        thank you ron ~ i appreciate your warm comment

                      • Pintu Mahakul

                        Colorful lines sometimes float on jagged edges. Words of paintings awaken mind more. Silently we perceive paintings's beauty. This is very interesting poem shared here.

                        • janetaylor

                          thank you so much pintu

                        • Pintu Mahakul

                          This Canadian artist paints beautifully and his writings have caught attention of readers. This courageous artist bravely takes everything in to mind and expresses this. This is nice tribute poem very well crafted.

                          • janetaylor

                            Thank you Pintu!!

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