Noodles And A Packet

Oh Ramen Soup,

Of thee I love.

Your inventor must have,

Come from Heaven above.


I like the chicken,

Flavor to make.

Or, the noodles raw,

No need for the packet.


Such an easy lunch,

Or, snack if I need.

But, all is not paradise,

Not paradise, indeed.


For all of your flavor,

And, all of your zest.

One ingredient for me,

Just not the best.


I’m talking about,

The sodium content.

Heart racing, rapidly,

High blood pressure, hell bent.


I hate that feeling!

It is like M.S.G.

Monosodium glutamate,

In the food, Chinese.


1,380 milligrams,

Soup sodium seasoning.

Equals three-fourths teaspoon,

There’s just no reasoning.


As much as I love Ramen,

Hot and Sour soup, too.

My cups in the future,

Will be very few.


I have a doctor’s appointment,

In about four weeks.

I want all in order,

My health at great peak.


For now just visualize,

Your flavor, rewarding.

Have to settle for low-sodium,

Something tasting like cardboard.


  • Michael Edwards

    Not heard of it here in the UK but we have our equivalents and avoid them like the plague 0 why on earth do they put so much salt in things like sauces, stock cubes etc etc - anyway my wife always cooks from scratch so we have no need of them. Oops sorry - got carried away - yes a great write

    • WriteBeLight

      Ha Ha, no problem Michael. I agree. Lots of salt in sauces, etc. Even in the low-fat dressings. They tend to overdue it with pepper and salt because of the missing flavor. Thanks for the comment!

    • Shona Loya

      Nice poem It just brought back my appetite. Nice work ,Big Up

      • WriteBeLight

        Thanks Shona Loya. I appreciate your comment! 🙂

      • Tony36

        Great write. I eat a pack every know and then.

        • WriteBeLight

          Yum. Me Too. Thanks Tony!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks HONEY I love poems about FOOOOOD ! The SOY SORCRER ~ he say ~ Of what value is SOUP if it is not savored with SALT ? The important thing is the SODIUM / POTASSIUM balance in our body. So each salty thing must be balanced with a BANANA ~ OK Happy eating ~ BRIAN (Dietician to the Stars !)

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks Brian. I love the Ramen soups, always have. But, a bit too salty now. I just wish they could come up with a similar tasting soup without all that salt. Nonetheless, I will continue to crave the Ramen Soup 😉 Thanks for the comment.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              HI HONEY ~ You could make a portion of saltless soup and mix it with Ramen and use it twice ! Its the same in the UK ~ Manufacturers add way too much SALT & SUGAR to get us hooked on the taste and the brand ! Yours BRIAN

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            • mammyo3

              brilliant, said like a distressed pastafarian, R'amen

              • WriteBeLight

                Yum. I love pasta too! I know people who can do wonders with just the noodles. Great versatile soup. Thanks mammyo3!

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