MARIE CURIE was born in Poland in 1867
A DAUGHTER of intelligent Parents who
RAISED HER with a respect for Science.
IN FACT her Father was a Headmaster ~ She
ENJOYED SCIENCE but was not allowed to study
CHEMISTRY in WARSAW because she was FEMALE
UNDETERRED she went to the Sorbonne (Paris) ~ She
ISOLATED from pitchblend ~ Polonium and Radium ~ New
ELEMENTS She received 2 NOBEL PRIZES Physics & Chemistry
Thanks for reading ~ Please add your historical Character

My name is Avigail
i would be Abigail - king David's wife:
smart & beautiful

She learned to fly
she never said goodbye
but she always had an eye from the sky
beauty was an aspect very rare
how amazing to have it
not only everywhere
but in the air
she flew for a woman's freedom
she knew what was to be redeemed
whom needed a sunlight beam
to wake them up from that cruel dream
of men in charge
and woman not dreaming
of feeling so free
i'd love to be Amelia Earhart if i wasn't me.

I would have loved to be Walt Whitman,
The American poet, essayist, and journalist.
He was the most influential of poets
in the American canon, the father of free verse.
A very controversial poet in its time,
His poetry collection Leaves of Grass,
Was considered obscene for its overt sexuality.


I would have loved to be Vincent Willem van Gogh,
artistically talented and influential with a mind full of mystery. Inspiring also...
''I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.'' -Van gogh

MARIE CURIE is ever memorable for her nobility,
Mobility speaks about her inner true ability.
Chemistry is full of mystery, she reveals truth,
She is great to win Nobel Prizes twice says youth.
Her dreams carry reality, wonderful is her vision,
Chemistry has opened new door in her supervision.

To many thoughts and to many names cloud up my heaaad
Though if I were to pick a name
That name would have to be
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The creator of that most famous detectives
Mr. Sherlock Holmes
The stories capture me
no matter how many times I read them

The greatest person I could be
Would have to be Muhammad Ali
With fantastic wit and a cheeky grin
His sheer skill hit you right on the chin
An Olympic champion to the final round
His beautiful poetry was a wonderful sound
So if you ask me who I would be
It would have to be the Greatest Muhammad Ali

I would love to take over from MISTER T
And be President of the USA instead of Him
Replacing his bigotry and small mindedness with
My generosity ~ love of all People ~ and encouragement
1. Apologise to OBAMA and restore Obamacare
2. Apologise to HILLARY for taking her birthright
3. Make MEXICO the 51st State with an Open Border
4. Make the USA and the UK a FREE TRADE AREA !
5. Restore Relationships with all MUSLIM COUNTRIES
6. Recognise the importance of CHINA and smile with them
7. Recognise the importance of RUSSIA but don't trust them
8. Abolish the KKK and make all KKK activities illegal forever
9. Recognise that the USA is a Normal Country not Exceptional
10. Restore Quality of Life & Self Esteem for Native-Americans
THANKS for fantacising ~ Please add the person (living
or dead) you'd like to be ~ Thanks ~ Love BRIAN XOXOX

I would be Guinevere, because my name derives from it.She was the beautiful wife of King Arthur

BILLY GRAHAM NOW 98 ~ Used of GOD Worldwide
I love listening to Billy on YouTube ~ inspiring
Lovely clear preaching about the need to be saved
Lovely response to his APPEALS for people to respond
YES because He was filled with the Holy Spirit & millions prayed
GRAHAM was an Ordinary Man ~ but he
REALISED & experienced that if he dedicated
ALL HIS BEING ~ Body ~ Soul ~ Spirit totally to
HIS GOD ~ GOD would empower him to be an EVANGELIST
AND ~ PREACH the GOSPEL and that People would be CONVERTED
MILLIONS heard the Gospel Message and THOUSANDS were BORN AGAIN*
Thanks for visiting ~ Please add your favorite Historical Person ~ BRIAN
*Through his Radio & TV Ministry BILLIONS heard & MILLIONS were saved !
There is a photograph of BILLY preaching with his BIBLE in his hand ~ AMEN
This POEM is presented as an Acrostic B I L L Y G R A H A M ~ OK

Dorothy Dandrige is who i would be if i could go back in history. slender frame, brown skin, perfect teeth and a voice that could harmonize with the angels as they sing amazing grace. She was a songstress, an actress, an activist and dare i say it, a lady. Who wouldn't want to be that...

Mary Seacole
A Jamaican woman turned down by
Florence Nightingale for helping out
In a hospital during the Crimean War.
Not only was she from a poor background
But she travelled to Britain with little money
And then travelled to help out in the Crimean War
On the battle field.
Se never gave up.

Who I am,
Who are my own,
Do not know
I was engrossed in the world forever,
Who I am,
Who are my own...............?

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  • Comment from author about the poem: ANOTHER OF PEOPLE FROM HISTORY I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE BEEN ~ IS BILLY GRAHAM. He is still alive and writing ~ Aged 98 ~ But has retired from CRUSADING ! His Christian Ministry as an EVANGELIST in the 20th Century was unique. Through his Crusades ~ TV and Radio he preached to BILLIONS and MILLIONS were converted through Faith in Jesus Christ. All his sermons were based on the WORD of GOD ~ The BIBLE which was why his preaching was so effective. I love listening to his sermons an You Tube and so can you ! The picture shows BILLY preaching with his BIBLE in his hand ~ AMEN. I also chose MARIE CURIE for a variety of reasons. Because she is the only Scientist (M or F) to receive two Nobel Prizes in Science. Because she was doing her Research in the Physical Sciences at the beginning of the 20th Century there were still some of the 92 Natural Elements to be discovered. Mendeleev left gaps in his Periodic Table (published in 1869 when Marie was two 1) for POLONIUM (Element 84) and RADIUM (88). One day in 1906 he travelled from Moscow to Paris by train to thank the Curies for discovering POLONIUM (named after POLAND) and RADIUM and making his Periodic Table more complete ! There is a transuranic element (No. 96) called CURIUM in her honour. She died in 1934 (aged 67) of leukemia as a result of her studies on Radioactivity, Love BRIAN XOX
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  • HalcyonHusky

    Who do I wish to be?
    Even though my life's rough
    I only wish to be me
    Because myself is enough
    And my future I do not know
    It's exciting in my own show

    • AlitaOpal


    • HalcyonHusky

      Sorry I was late to the party :/

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        That's OK HALCYON ~ Thanks for your comment ! I'm posting another one tomorrow on FAVORITE AMERICAN PRESIDENTS ~ you might like to add one ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

      • Christina8

        So many people that I admire
        So who do I aspire?
        I love Emily Dickenson
        Her poetry can consume you
        Though her life was short
        And pained with a disease too
        She gave us treasures
        That have lasted for centuries
        Reading her poems gives me pleasure

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          AMEN CHRIS ~ Thanks for your comment. We are fortunate to live in the 21st C when we have such immediate access (through www) to all the writings and music of the past 1000 years at the touch of a button. So as I said ~ through YOU TUBE I can listen to Billy Grahams Sermons ~ George Beverly Shea singing and enjoy the awesome choirs Trained & Conducted by Cliff Barrows ~ AWESOME ~ And much more besides ! Cyber Hugs for you ~ BRIAN

        • Samreen Chowdhury

          This is BEAUTFUL

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            THANKS SAM ~ leased you liked it ! My FUSION TOMORROW will be to choose your favorite PRESIDENT of the USA ~ please add a STANZA ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

          • Seanachaidh

            If I could be anyone, I'd be Lena Horne because she was ever proud of her multiracial heritage, a strong and powerful powerhouse, and a creative and independent woman.

          • Michael Edwards

            Too late but Salvador Dali would have been my choice:

            With grandiose behaviour an attention grabbing showman,
            but all this aside a highly skilled draughtsman.

            His repertoire expansive with painterly skills,
            from painting to sculpture and photography stills.

            Bizarre creative throughout his life
            encouraged and cajoled by a supportive wife.

            Oh If only I had his creative skill
            I've always admired him and always will.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks MICHAEL great SURREALIST PAINTER ~ oft imitated but never equalled ~ a GENIUS ~ BRIAN

            • willyweed

              I think I missed the boat
              I would have been Slim Bandy a Boom town sheriff
              The discovery of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley in early 1848 sparked the Gold Rush, arguably one of the most significant events to shape American history during the first half of the 19th century. This story goes back to the gold rush days in a boomtown way out west. There was a man named Slim Bandy he was the sheriff. He wore a star upon his chest. Slim was a good man he was deceit fair and kind but slung low he wore his peacemaker. His quick draw was said to be among the very best. And I suppose you could just ask all those old outlaws Slim had laid to rest. As news spread of the discovery, thousands of prospective gold miners traveled by sea or over land to San Francisco and the surrounding area. By the end of 1849 the non-native population of the California territory was some 100,000 (compared with the pre-1848 figure of less than 1,000). And the boomtowns sprung up hard and fast. And although justice was fleeting, law and order in these towns was in most cases immediate. Slim Bandy walked out on to the main street to meet the stranger who was just itching for a fight. There would be a showdown on this fateful night. Out on Main Street the two men would meet both glaring and staring each other eye to eye. Ten feet from each other they both slapped their leather and our poor hero Slim Bandy was sadly surprised. His marker is still up there in the graveyard up on the hill. Now they say he haunts this old Boomtown and forever will. A total of $2 billion worth of precious metal was extracted from the area during the Gold Rush which peaked in 1852.

              Here lies Slim Bandy
              Twenty one times
              God gave him Grace
              On his twenty second try
              He came in second place

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks WILLY for you awesome tale of SLIM BANDY and the California Gold Rush ~ Thanks for sharing ~ it' never too late fro a good story ! My latest FUSION is on American Presidents ~ Ian sure you have a FAVORITE ~ OK ~ BRIAN

              • P.H.Rose

                Sorry Brian looks like I missed the deadline here's mine

                If could be anyone
                From my history
                A Bard or a boxer
                A poet or a singer
                Well i would be both
                My choice isn't rash
                For I'd be Jonny cash..

              • FruitfulSpirit

                👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

              • Wilting moon

                If I could be anyone
                I would still remain me
                For if I could change my name
                I'd still end up as me

              • OxfordSkills

                I'm so sorry Brian... I have been so busy teaching, etc... I haven't had any time to even write another poem until today! True story. I loved all the contributions to your fusions. Great work as always Brian! Hope you're well 🙂

              • OxfordSkills

                I would be The King;
                He sang and danced
                Never without a glance,
                or chance
                To meet new people,
                Eat and travel for free.
                Yes, the King I would be.

                With goods looks he mesmerised;
                His charisma, women swooned
                Oh that guitar and those hips!
                Not to mention
                Kissable lips and blue suede shoes.
                The King, I'd be - oh yes!

                Why would a woman
                want to be a man?
                Until today, I knew not why.
                Men I love, yet still I know,
                Elvis Presley makes me glow;
                red-faced, I am now shy,
                Yes, I'd be the King, just for a hi.

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