Michael Edwards



By other than the practised mind

no words expressed, no epithet,

can best describe the hidden night

where Sirius casts his rays

and moonlight silvers flexing grass.


Where filtering light suggests the scene

contracting to the moulded hills

and wooded slopes where mighty oaks,

in slumberous strength and ivy coated,

stand against a lustrous moon.


Where just beyond untutored verges

saplings, brush and bramble jostle,

bound as one, denying passage

to all but timorous woodland creatures

nestling deep in safe repose.


Where murmurings of wavering reeds,

in conference with the night time breeze,

form dark unscripted boundaries

astride the lapping water’s edge

where flecks of white define its lie.


By other than the practised mind

no words expressed, no epithet,

can best describe the vista veiled,

the compass scored in monochrome

within the nights obscured embrace.



Michael Edwards © October 2015



    Thanks MICHAEL for another excellent poem and complementary painting. Both are modern (free verse) but very meaningful ~ Yours BRIAN Please check my latest poem and fusion ~ Thanks B

  • Christina8

    This poem is just excellent! A pleasure to read! I really like the painting too. A masterpiece!

    • Michael Edwards

      Thank you Christina - it's great to get such encouragement.

    • WriteBeLight

      Captured everything beautifully.

    • Tony36

      Amazingly awesome write

      • Michael Edwards

        Really grateful for your kind comment Tony

        • Tony36


        • MendedFences27

          This ia a beautiful description of night from a "practised mind." Should that be "contrasting" in stanza 2? Your poem is pure poetry and great art. Please don't be offended by my dumb question.
          I love your work. - Phil A.

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks Phil. I really appreciate your kind words and not a dumb question at all. One of the many meanings of the word is coming together or being part of. This use of the word has nowadays fallen by the wayside but was used in this context in the past by many of our great classical authors including the great Hardy himself.

            • MendedFences27

              Thank you. I am enlightened.

            • Suresh

              What a mesmerizing reflection of a night scene bathed in cool light, in verses so unique.

              • Michael Edwards

                Another one from the past. Thanks so much for looking in.

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