Michael Edwards





He wore his jumper inside out

and he thought it made him look thin.

But when they assured him it made him look stout

he wore outside in.




  • willyweed

    and the moral is he wanted to look skinning,. lovely picture Michael. you paint Michael WW

  • Tony36

    LOL! Love it, Awesome painting

  • WriteBeLight

    Loved it. Painting too.


    Thanks MICHEAL ~ Great picture and a great comic poem ! I knew a man who wore a VEST to keep the coldness off his CHEST ~ Weather in the EAST's a BEAST so he went WEST ~ AMEN Yours BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      Cheers Brian - that made me smile.

    • P.H.Rose

      Brilliant Michael
      This is so good.
      I love it....
      Can you do illustrations..?

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks PH - I am more a cartoonist but yes I have done illustrations in the past.

        • P.H.Rose

          Sorry I ment cartoons
          I've wrote a poem book for
          My grand kids and need
          Some cartoons of the mice
          Characters, I have the pics
          But try as I might they look

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        • MendedFences27

          Humor and art, Refreshing. Now a jumper, that's like a sweater, correct? Nice little village. - Phil A.

          • Michael Edwards

            That's right - we call them jumpers in the UK - thanks for the comment.

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