Sorrows of the past,

Displayed on the scaly canvas called skin.

How was I supposed to understand?

Oh the pain of the past.


Rid the past,

Do anything to forget.

Hurt you?

They didn’t think of that.

As long as they rid,

The pain of the past.


Guilt of the past,

Run, rage or ruin.

Leave thee to pick up thy pieces,

Explain why it happened.

But how do I explain,

When I didn’t understand,

Oh the pain of the past.


Nobody told me,

I was ‘to young’ to understand;

Yet I was still expected to forgive,

Oh the pain of the past.


Thought from the past:

You were trapped,

A punished victim?

Yet you hurt me,

In ways I didn’t know.

You had help,


You didn’t have to commit the sins you did.

Oh pain of the past…


Guilt of the present,

I remorse the hatred I felt.

I didn’t understand,

The pity I feel for the life you have led.

But why hurt me?

Oh hope of the future.


  • Hopey_xx

    Wow this is great! It must be so nice and also sad to read old poems and to relive the thoughts you had at the time. Thanks for sharing

    • AdamH

      Thankyou 🙂

    • Tony36

      Wow,amazingly awesome

    • Hannabal

      This poem was beautiful. I commend you for sharing a hurtful piece as this with the public to view with their own ideas and memories.

      • AdamH

        Thankyou 🙂

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WELCOME ADAM ~ I guess you wrote this elegant poems about three years ago ? Pleased you have an opportunity to A-level English which will give a insight into the infinite treasures of the English Language ~ Prose & Poetry ! Your poem explore the influence others have on us and our reasons ~ it is very emotive and makes us examine our own lives and motives. Sorrow ~ Guile ~ Remorse these are very powerful emotions within the context of the poem. Thanks for caring & sharing ~ BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B

      • PoeticSisi0705

        Wat i been going through i need to hear this poem also in book or on a poster. I love it

        • AdamH

          Thankyou! Remember there's always someone else who knows how you feel. I appreciate your comment so much 🙂

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