Michael Edwards




‘That’s funny’ said Fred, ‘the lights gone out’

The only light left was the glow from his snout.

‘More money in the meter’ said miserable Peter,

but no one was willing to put in a shilling.

So they stayed in the dark

on their bench in the park.




  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks Kat - yes thanks so much regarding your reply - I will get back to you later


    Thanks MICHAEL great poem and a classic cartoon of MUS MUSCULUS ! My ANCESTORS tell me that there was a time ~ that when the light (The SUN) went out ~ they went to bed ~ when the light came on again (The SUN) they got up and started work ! With artificial lighting the light never goes out ! BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Brian - around here they seem most active in the hours of darkness - the little tinkers.

    • Christina8

      Amusing little mice and poem. I like very much!--Christina

    • WriteBeLight

      Very sweet and cute both drawings and poem.

    • Tony36

      Great write

    • MendedFences27

      Two mice who wouldn't pay the price.
      Alone in the night, 'cause the price wasn't right.
      Your poem was my chuckle for the day. Snows falling 1-2 ft., so I needed a laugh before facing it. Thanks for that. - Phil A.

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Phil - not snowing here but quite cold - glad it gave you a chuckle.

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