Michael Edwards





Where common fellows rarely meet

the ancient hedge and clump of trees,

but little modified by time,             

mark out the spot

where footpaths cross like passing streams.


And here they gently weave and flow,

so often lost to human eye,

as brambles and the swaying sward

like anglers rods reach out

and touch with glaze of morning rime.


A vestige this of heritage

untinctured by the acts of man,

in danger now from urban sprawl

by progress needs perceived in haste

as man invades his legacy.





  • Fay Slimm.

    Rich with poetic eloquence the verse epitomizes heedless uprooting of much old countryside legacy in place after place -- a triumph of a poem along with the wonderfully alive watercolour - thanks for sharing both with us Michael.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks so much Fay - I'm so much a country lover and the area where I live is rich in natural beauty but there is a relentless creep of urban sprawl which is going to spoil it all in time for those who follow us. One of the sad facts for a small island like ours.

    • WriteBeLight

      I can relate. I love the picture and your poem is very telling about the future. We have enough huge buildings and roads. Too much is just too much.

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks for your comment WriteBeLight - just one problem we face in the world today.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks MICHAEL ~ as is your wont ~ the picture perfectly complements the poem ! Globally we are becoming more Urban annually ! Scenes that you picture & paint & poemise are in fact disappearing fast being replaced by faceless Malls as in the USA. We must fight (in the UK) to preserve our amazing Villages and Green Belts. Concrete is the root of all Rural destruction ~ BRIAN

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks Brian - concrete is the new grass - and we suffer for it.

        • Tony36

          Great write and great picture

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks yet again Tony for your kind endorsement.

            • Tony36


            • MendedFences27

              It truly is a plundering of our legacy. The pirating of land for progress' sake is the booty. What was once a village is now an obscene concrete block called a city. Nature yields, giving up her beauty, her creatures, her air and water, and for what? Another MacDonalds? Please. . . give me the open spaces.
              Loved your painting and your poem. So eloquently spoken and directly spot on. - Phil A.

              • Michael Edwards

                Thanks Phil - part of the trouble in the UK is the cost of land which is at a premium. When a developer offers enormous sums to farmers and land owners ....well!

              • P.H.Rose

                Wonderful poem
                Just so good..
                Well done !!!

              • Augustus

                In my youth I walked the Woods and. Swamps. The water was clear and potable. Now what little is left is covered in slime.great write and water coloring.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Cheers Augustus. Not all is lost though as many of our rivers are much cleaner these days without industrial waste being pumped into them - but that's small consolation.

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