LOBAL WARMING  is a myth says TRUMP

ies by Chinese to make our Oilmen jump

il that's refined to GAS for motor cars

lack exhaust fumes to make us hot like Mars 

shamed the Oilmen ~ for the oil they pump

evels of CO2 are rising Mister Trump !


hat would happen to the USA ~ If

A ll their cars were spirited away ?

ain Forests were preserved and not cut down 

en were required to walk to work in Town

I  like the fact that England's getting warmer

o need to go to Europe in the Summer

LOBAL WARMING'S  real it isn't rot ~ This Winter

outhern England's getting really HOT !


Thanks for reading ~ comments welcome ~ BRIAN


I am indebted to WG7 a bright Young Lady for the use of RED


Has SPRING sprung early where you are living ?


This Poem is presented as a 6~8 Acrostic Sonnet ~ OK


  • Fay Slimm.

    Fantastic sonnet on a topical subject Brian - - acrostic and coloured the message makes us more aware. Thank you for sharing.


      Thanks FAY Its useful when the letters add up to 14 ! I tried to keep each line to iambic pentameter and rhyme as well ~ three constraint because it\'s also an acrostic ! Thanks for you kind comment on a very important topic ~ B.

    • Tizermax

      Over 17000 species are on either the vuneral, endangered or critically endagered list. If all of them were to slip away. It would be the biggest extinction in earths history. I like these sort of subjects. Very well done.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks for your comment TIZER and the data. If we shift the equilibrium of the climate of Planet Earth we must accept the consequences. Pleased you are interested in Environmental Conservation & Protection ~ BRIAN

      • Tony36

        Global warming is a major problem. Great write

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          HI TONY ~ Thanks for your appreciation of my Ode ~ BRIAN

          • Tony36


          • Christina8

            Fantastic acrostic in iambic pentameter! Even more is the awareness of where our planet is headed! I loved the poem! And am always thankful for your authors notes. Sad to see where we are headed. Hugs-Christina

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS CHRIS ~ Pleased you enjoyed it ! A poem with a Scientific basis does need a little explanation ! Jefferson was a Philosopher and educated and very very intelligent Man. Compared with him TRUMP is still in his nappies ! It is TRUMP'S ignorance (not only of politics) that worries me. GLOBAL WARMING is a major issue (as you know) and each American produces 17.5 tonnes of CO2 per year TRUMP has a major responsibility to lower this ! Canada (14.7) Russia (12.2) Japan (9.3) UK (8.0) and China (6.2) The USA is twice that of UK & Japan and three times China. How on Earth did he get to be in charge ? You can buy a house in Liverpool for $150,000 ~ $450,000 near London ~ CO2 free Hugs ~ BRIAN

            • WG7

              I wouldn't mind if in the US we had no cars. I woukd walk everywhere. I love trees/nature, and I wish they would preserve rainforests. Also with trump as president earth won't be destroyed by 2100 it will be destroyed by this year or next year. I am not going to be surprised if we do have a nuclear war while trump is president. Plus I see that you did use the red.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks for your COMMENTS ~ Trump is liability ~ He is so so ignorant of everything not just politics ! Yes I did use the red and have had some positive comments ~ Sorry ~ meant to give you an acknowledgement at the bottom of the page ! Yours BRIAN

                • WG7

                  Its cool I don't mind.

                • 1 more comment

                • Michael Edwards

                  Man might yet be the creator of his own destruction - powerful piece put over so well.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Well MICHAEL according to GHIA Theory ~ The whole of Planet Earth is a living organism and she shifts her parameters to oppose constraints (like increased atmospheric CO2) and restore equilibrium. To oppose pollutants and other negative human effects Planet Earth could shift in such a way (Global Warming ~ Sea Level Rise etc) as to make it UNINHABITABLE for Homo Sapiens ~ GOD FORBID ~ Thanks BRIAN

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