Through the Eyes of The One Poet–On a cheerful overcast and crispy evening an icy shard meteor spiraled and flamed out on to the Atlantic Ocean, fragmenting to slivers on impact releasing into mile high waves small flakes that rolled with wakes onto shores, spreading shiny substances over peat bogs and moors.  Ancient logs rose from deep within the earth's keep awakened by this silvery sheet–rooting once again, sending forth limb, leaves and stem. Drops of Sheen coalesced to nourish this gigantic grove such as never seen. Trees flowered under sun to seed each mothering tiny sphere of sparkle, wafted by the wind, swirling round the globe veiling everything ever created by men– In a matter of months cities and towns melted. Roads, bridges, and parking lots wilted while every mode of transport on them faded away.  Shopping centers, libraries, museums, metal alloys, and cloth all dissolved into an effervescent broth, a thick soup feeding a primeval  forest and primitive wilderness of meadows, huge stands of trees and clear sparkling streams heading toward the seas, emerging as liquescent solvents for all rubble, rubbish, and detritus. Strewn about the surface of the planet were estranged sculpted statues of marble, alabaster, wood and granite. Stone, base metals and precious gems survived long after Sheen arrived, their essence unaltered by the human race. Landfills deliquesced into a nutrient medium freeing an abundance of wildlife new and old as the viscous liquid reached ancient fossils, animating them into existence, a mixture of Paleozoic, Mesozoic and the more recent era of mammals–Man stood there in his nakedness in a garden of Eden– The first year only several million of his species persevered, sparsely scattered about  various landmasses. The Eyes foresee  be a thousand years ere an opus of poetry appears.



Augustus / Folsom, LA / February 2017


  • kevin browne

    this is superb. I imagined all what you wrote and oh my days, it was a fruitful journey and never forgetting the roots of our poetry at the end. stunning write Augustus.

    • Augustus

      Thanks, that was a half educated guess at a thousand years. They were thrown back to the Stone Age. Thanhs for commenting.

    • Michael Edwards

      Some read - an epic piece Augustus.

      • Augustus

        Thanks so much.

      • WriteBeLight

        Excellent writing Augustus. I could visualize the events, and even became a little sick to my stomach as I was eating my salad. 🙂

        • Augustus

          You would have to eat it with your hands as your utensils would disolve. Lol. Thanks.

          • WriteBeLight

            Good point!

          • Fay Slimm.

            Stunning imagination and wonderful internal rhyming make this dire message one of the best -- first rate writing.

            • Augustus

              Thanks Lady Fay. You write so beautifully of nature.

            • lost-but-not-broken17

              Can I just say this blew me outta the water. I fell in love with this piece!

              • Augustus

                Wow! What a complement. Thanks for reading and commenting.

              • MendedFences27

                Loved it. Reads like Sci-Fi. Asteroid crashes into the sea, strange things happen, Man is returned to pre-history, but the planet is saved. Great story, great poem. - Phil A.

                • Augustus

                  Thanks Phil. It is the kind of thing that could go on and on. Tempted to do a sequel. Will wait for the muse.

                • Tony36

                  WOW simply WOW awesome write

                  • Augustus

                    Thank you, thank you.

                    • Tony36


                    • notapoet

                      I don't think I could say any more than what's already been said, brilliant write Augustus.

                      • Augustus

                        Thanks so much. Yea, my head is swollen enough.

                      • janetaylor

                        superbly written and chuck full of amazing imagery ~ bravo!

                        • Augustus

                          Thanks a bunch. Had fun with it.

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