O P P O R T U N I T Y ~ An Acrostic



PPORTUNITY  comes ~ opportunity goes

ERHAPS ~ perchance ?  Well nobody knows ~ A

ERFECT DAY  for opportune to come your way !

PPORTUNITY  never knocks twice were told

EASON  to grasp it ~ first time round 

O MISS  a great chance to pick grapes in France

SELESS  to cry when chance passes you by

O CHANCE  to fly when the plane has finally left the ground

I  look back on life ~ should TESS be my Wife ?

T ESS ~ who married my Friend Billy Jones ~ in the end



Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome Love to All ~ BRIAN 


  • Michael Edwards

    Take them wherever you can. there is a BUT - sometimes opportunities come with great risk and although we may rue those not taken things could have been far worse - much to be said for common sense and logical judgement.


      Thanks MICHAEL for your wise words. I hope I didn't imply that one should grasp an OPPORTUNITY ~ just because it is an OPPORTUNITY ! All our decisions must weigh up the pros and cons we must always look before we leap. Thanks for caring BRIAN

    • WriteBeLight

      Very true Brian.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks HONEY ~ but as Michael has warned ~ we must be prudent a well ~ Hugs BRIAN

      • gelyn

        Hey B,
        I love this very mature and make lot of sense. ..very positive write. ... Thanks for sharing this. ..


        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks GEL it is vital that (from time ti time) we debate some Mature Topics and your feedback {and that of others) is very helpful in understanding and evaluating a key concept like OPPORTUNITY. I was stressing the importance of the OPPORTUNITIES we are "offered" day by day. Other (in their comments) have reminded us of our Judgement and Responsibilities in our decisions etc. Thanks for caring ~ Yours BRIAN

        • Christina8

          Love this acrostic. I often wonder about choices I have made. Were they missed opportunities? This really made me think. Either way, much truth in your well done poem! Hugs, Christina

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks CHRIS: In essence there are lots of mini-opportunities every day and we make lots of mini-choices. Theses mini things don't affect our lives very much ! It is the mega-opportunities and mega-choices that have a real impact on the direction of our lives as you well know ! Thanks for caring ~ Opportune Hugs ~ BRIAN

          • WG7

            Opportunity is a marvelous thing, but even if you missed some. There will be others. You will still have a magnificent life. Just maybe you were supposed to miss those? This is another great poem Brian.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Yes indeed My Friend ! In respect of Opportunity we all have PURPOSE in our lives which is fostered and fulfilled buy the Opportunities we grasp and the decisions we make. There is also CHANCE and PRIVILEGE (not WHAT you know ~ but WHO you know) and other factors which determine our success in life and the impact we make on Society. Often we only know in retrospect ~ whether (or not) we have made the right decision ! I like the touch of fatalism (supposed to miss ......) in your answer. Thanks for caring ~ BRIAN

            • this_girl

              I like this. Very true.

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