I Could But Won't

I could write,

About our spat.

But, keep it to me,

Not writing about that.


Or, your mannerisms,

Like you wear a crown.

Not writing about that.

Won’t jot it down.


I could go on,

And, turn to gossip.

My lips are sealed,

Shut down that faucet.


I could tell you,

Your cooking’s awful.

Won’t say those words,

Might be unlawful.


Could be a spendthrift,

And, really splurge.

Instead be disciplined,

Squash that urge.


I could tell you,

You’re getting fat.

Won’t hurt your feelings,

Not saying that.


I could be angry,

That you went away.

Keep it to myself,

Let you have your way.


What I'll write down,

The word’s I’ll show,

Glad you were in my life,

So, to you I toast.


  • kevin browne

    good to hear you're in control.

    • WriteBeLight

      Ha Ha. Just a poem about when people say they are not going to say anything about something, and then not realizing they just did. Thanks Kevin!

    • Michael Edwards

      None of us are perfect but we should recognise that and look to the good points in people for we all have them. You've penned a few great lines here.

      • WriteBeLight

        Thanks Michael. You are correct!

      • Fay Slimm.

        A good flow to this rant against the vagaries of others.

      • Christina8

        Very good poem. Sneaky how you got those words in you didn't mean to say LOL. We all do it. So I won't tell you what a great job you did!

        • WriteBeLight

          Ha Ha Ha. Very funny Christina!

        • Jeff

          Great write...as usual lol

          • WriteBeLight

            I really appreciate that Jeff!

          • willyweed

            I won't say anything..sssshhh

            • WriteBeLight

              Then I won't reply :)

              • willyweed

                Boy you are smart as well as beautiful?? WW

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