Michael Edwards





As natures libraries patterns change

by slow degree with mornings call

the mustering oak and elm and ash,

where moonlight dripped and silvered boughs,

point down to where the yawning path

knows no defined establishment.


And here ensphered by harmonies,

with great eclat the morning fugue

of rustling wind and wild life’s call

declares release from night times veil

revealing him who stops a while

to rest and summon resolution.


Resolute he stands, intent,

yet with the passage of the years,

and yielding by slow degree,

his back now stooped, his burnished face

with wrinkled mien his mind dwells deep

on natures contract made with man.



Michael Edwards © November 2016


  • Goldfinch60

    Like this and love the last line
    "on matures contract made with man"

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment - much appreciated,.

    • WriteBeLight

      Stop and smell the roses. Great flow.

    • Tony36

      Well written and expressedand picture

    • willyweed

      suddenly I stopped and turned I was old and now I want to move into your picture? Mighty Mike strikes again. WW

      • Michael Edwards

        Bless you Willy

        • willyweed

          Thanks Michael I think the big guy already did, I am getting better all the time
          better, better, better I used to be angry at school the teachers I taught were not cool?
          would not go with plan hid their heads in the sand, you know the rest? I don\'t ?
          thanks Michael I am returning soon from the darkness Pls wait for me my good I\'m lucky friend.

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        • Fay Slimm.

          Expressive reminder that nature will never stand still - change comes at a price as the final stanza makes clear. Another wonderful watercolour to show how greenly pristine in season is the countryside - thank you Michael for sharing this posting.

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