The lonely poet

my angel and kids

My angel and my children often look at  me  with  loving  sparkling  eyes  and  a  big  fat  grinn  that  sometimes  is  enough  to  make  me  act  silly  and  jump  about  and  sing .

But often  when  they  do  it  the reaction  is no so great  my eyes  just  look  straight  through  them  my  minds  some  other  place . 

I  do  not  know  the  reason  why  my  minds  in  such  a  race  I wish  it would  pause  and  stop  and  let  my  sanity  have  some  space . 

When  I  look  at  my  angel  and  children  I feel  so  sorry  for  all  as all  they  do  is  love  me  but its like loving a brick wall . 

Im writing  this  poem  for  them  and  a little  for  myself  just to  somehow  try to tell  them its not me its my mental health .

I really  really  do  love  them  really  love  them  all  I wish  I  could  stop  my  mind  and  break  down  that  mental  wall .

I  am  so  very  sorry  I'm  trying  to  tell  you  all  im writing  this at 4.30  in  the  morning  my  mind  won't  stop  at  all . 

I hope  you  all  still  love  me  and forgive  me  for  my  flaws I really  want  to  return  the  love  and  swing  open  that  mental door  xxxxx    for my kids and mrs

love always   the lonely  poet  


  • The lonely poet

    Thanks u and bless u that was a lovely thing to say

  • Goldfinch60

    Such a strong write showing your love for your family, I am sure they know and will love you all the time.

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