Fay Slimm.

New Depths.

New Depths.

Find the place where two seas meet,
stand on the edge of seen and unseen
and listen to Heaven speaking.

Love is too vast to describe in words,
look in the human mirror's universe
and discover new depths of person.

Real soul-beauty is empty of self
but is filled with wonder's ecstasy.




  • orchidee

    Wonderful write. Cooeee Fay! lol.

  • Fay Slimm.

    Ah thanks a load - glad you like the short read - --Coooo to thee too.

    • orchidee

      It's only me being nutty! Jazmine liked my Cooees from you-know-where! Pity that's suspended for now.

    • Tony36

      Well written and expressed

    • Reivax Camlost

      This one was thought out. Poetry should not be like a paper-mill, it should come from the heart (in my opinion, which I agree should be more humble). This was heartfelt, and with not a line wasted. Even heartfelt poems can become cluttered with garbage rhymes and needless syllables- this one of yours expresses perfectly what it sets out to say, in crystal clarity. Good job.

    • Reivax Camlost

      Also, I am a huge fan of creating one's own word combos to represent personal concepts. Some of my own are "Silver-sigh", "Secret-heart", "Whisper-sigh", and "Shaman-man". To me, "Silver-sigh" Represents a sort of melancholy sleep inside one's heart, the feeling you get from seeing someone so beautiful that will never truly realize how beautiful they are. "whisper-sigh" is akin to a deep dreaming sleep, and the "shaman-man" is a character from a dream, a spirit-guide. Naturally, I loved your use of "Soul-beauty". A poet should not be held back by language, when attempting to express a concept not quite defined by any existing words or phrases.

    • rrodriguez

      Fay great write... full of depth of course... Thank you....

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write, always listen to heaven.

    • Augustus

      A nice way of viewing the soul.


      AMEN FAY ~ and I say to myself ~ what a Wonderful World ! Thanks for sharing. It so happens I was looking for a picture of an Iceberg ~ showing it was 90% submerged ~ for talk on ice and the Titanic. Then I visited your poem and my wish was answered ! Thanks for the poem & the picture ! Yours B

    • WriteBeLight

      Deep feelings you have touched upon Fay!

    • Pintu Mahakul

      Edges are unseen but still there is hope of union and this union we feel exactly. Two seas meet and find a place for them. Heaven is speaking and we need to view efficiency of this scene. Love is incomparable and we can never describe in words. To describe depth of a person we need to look in to human mirror. Wonder's ecstasy truly fills inner core of soul. An excellent poem is shared here.

      • Fay Slimm.

        Thank you dear Pintju for your encouraging and perceptive comments on this poem - also for the time you spent on reading and commenting my last few poems here on MPS - much appreciated.

      • Philip

        I love the picture reflecting the hidden depths ,the unseen 90% of the soul. a lovely poem.

      • MendedFences27

        The depth of one's soul cannot be measured in real terms only in mystical ones. How caring are we, how much love do we share, can we reach out to the less fortunate, etc? Your poem gives us insight to the soul. How it is devoid of self interest and consumed with caring. Loved it. - Phil A.

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