The lonely poet

Emotional punch bag

An emotional  punch bag is what  I've become I can't believe  I've  let this happen to me I feel so glum.

I don't understand  why  she's doing  this  every time someone  gets on her nerves  it's to me she turns with an emotional  burst . 

Every  time she gets a bee in her bonnet or the kids do something  wrong , it's to me she turns and shouts it's a given its been happening  so long.

Right on top  of the time of the month every time  guaranteed I'll  receive  a monster emotional  punch.

I don't know  why she's doing this to me I walk in the door with a smile she speaks and I want to leave.

All I can do is walk away and hope that it's better the next day but no its not, at the moment I'm no lover farther  or even a partner an emotional  punch  bag  is  all that she's after.

If she really wasn't  the love of my life I'd have ended it a long time ago probably have done myself  with a knife.

May be  love she has  turned into hate it's probably what it is the thoughts not making me feel great.

If hate it is I am doomed to stay for her I truly  cannot  walk away.


The lonely  poet  



  • Goldfinch60

    Sad emotive write.

  • Augustus

    Been there. Good rant. Hugs brother.

    • The lonely poet

      I'm not feeling to good so I embrace your hugs thank you my friend

      • Augustus

        Here's another, and a pat on the back or two, and in your mail box a note asking, How are you." Sending positive thoughts.

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