I question doubt's friendship yet

Keep inviting him to my door.

Is he friend or foe?

Amongst my angst and calm

he always steals the show.

In times of decision, those hours of peace,

He wrestles my brain to its knees.  

Why for confusion he labors to please?




Augustus / Folsom LA / February 2017


  • Michael Edwards

    Great piece Augustus - one of those which makes me wish I'd thought of this theme.

    • Augustus

      Thanks for the support.


      All MEN have doubts ~ because we are not GODS ! Thanks BRIAN

      • Augustus

        Thanks for commenting. No doubt.

      • notapoet

        Another great write Augustus, enjoyed it very much.

      • willyweed

        Oh you are very good you! enjoyed the reading of this one Augustus. WW

        • Augustus

          Thanks ww.

        • WriteBeLight

          I wonder if doubt is really just a gut feeling that will always come up in our decision making, and the fear of the unknown result. Great thoughts provoked here Augustus.

          • Augustus

            I believe you are right. We do need to double check our decisions. Sometimes, perhaps a lack of confidence, doubt can take over. Thanks for commenting.

          • LIGHT WARRIOR

            When I am in doubt, its usually only because my Intuition is telling me that there is reason to have it..some things JUST ARENT Reality...the others are...its when we doubt the shit we have no reason to where we are fucked and its a rampant little sickness upon this Earth, unfortunately...good write Augustus

            • Augustus

              Excellent point. Trusting your gut. I was on shaky ground here. Thanks.

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