"Heart Beat Stars"


There's a heartbeat of stars,

Pulse celestial, vibrating rhythm,

Quivering on the Milky Way;

A perpetual mourning hymnal,

Ringing gravities weigh.


Binary stars in elongated

          elliptical orbits,

Varying in intensity as they drift

          close, then far away.

Bigger and hotter than the sun

Like lovers in an ellipsoidal dance

By tidal forces their closeness won.

A lofty electrocardial romance.




Augustus / Folsom, LA / February 2017



    Thanks for sharing "A" ~ of course STARS have hearts (even Lady GAGA !) I love having an ECG because it enables me to see the regular beeting of my heart ~ and to be reassured all is well. Our 7.3 billion heart beats are global & universal ! So it should not surprise us that our Stars beat in empathy ! Thanks for caring ~ BRIAN

    • Augustus

      Great comment. Thanks.

    • WriteBeLight

      So very clever Augustus and beautifully written.

      • Augustus

        Thanks to Ms. Clever herself.

      • orchidee

        A fine write B.

      • myinnervoice

        I had to look up several words but I love how it seems like you challenge yourself with every new poem.

        • Augustus

          Many words I use I have to look up as well, but I have lots of interests, was very active in all sorts of stuff, now with body failing can only write, rather than do. It helps stave off depression. I will sit for a few days without an idea for a poem, then suddenly out of no where 3 or 4 beginnings will come to mind and over several hours those will be near complete. Then over the next few days I tweak them. Some times it will be weeks before a particular phrase will seem to work out. I admire so many of the contributors here who seem to effortlessly create. Thanks for recognizing the challange.

        • MendedFences27

          It appears the universe offers up endless possibilities, not just scientific discoveries, but art, as in the Hubble photos, but now dance. Can the social contact be closer than we expected? Intriguing subject, great presentation, loved it. - Phil A.

          • Augustus

            Lately, seems more,and more that there inhabitable planets. Perhaps one day......Thanks.

          • Goldfinch60

            Good write, love the line "lovers in an elipsoidal dance"

          • Goldfinch60

            Oops ellipsoidal.

            • Augustus

              The word has a way of puttin you off balance a little. Thanks a lot.

            • willyweed

              There is only one star here and it be U .

              • Augustus

                Awh shucks, you don't really mean that. But thanks. This star is about to burn out soon.

                • willyweed

                  And I hope you don't really mean that either? plus I hope not! WW

                • Hopey_xx

                  Love it!

                  • Augustus

                    Thanks Hopey. Doesn't hold a candle to yours.

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