Just a dog

We held you as a baby 

We comforted you as you cried 

We taught you the right things 

And praised you when you tried 


We looked into your big warm eyes 

and showed you love everyday 

We showered you with loyalty 

And proved we would never go away 


But through all the fun we had 

The end grew near too soon

We held you close and told you how we 

Loved you to the moon


You closed your peaceful eyes 

and within that hour 

Your innocent soul departed 

To become a higher power 


We laughed at all the memories 

We cried through all the pain 

We reminisced of all the days you were the sunshine over all the rain


You were always so loyal 

Through and through 

And  were always full of life

 how do we live without you? 


now my sweet baby 

Please watch over us with love 

And keep us an empty seat 

In the heavens up above


Some may not understand 

And then Some may judge 

But against those kind

We try to hold no grudge 


She filled our hearts with love 

and our minds agog 

So try to understand 

That maybe 

Just maybe 

That reliable loving baby

Was 'just a dog'.


  • AtheistAngel- Daniel Mc\'leod

    My deepest condolences for your loss. Too often we as people try and decide what should be deemed important and what shouldn't. For some that would see poppy as just some dog would probably cry over more insignificant losses. Your love for poppy was born in and resides in your heart. Let no one judge you for that.

  • DaveG

    Have labs and this struck a chord, when you love them they are not just dogs to you

  • Tony36

    Wonderfully written tribute to your dog

  • Georgiarous101

    Thankyou so much everyone for your lovely comments- my beautiful Choc lab will live in forever in my heart xx

  • Michael Edwards

    So sad but what a great tribute.

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write. It is so sad when a beloved pet goes to the kennel in the sky.

  • Georgiarous101

    Thankyou xx

  • ron parrish aka wordman

    a beautiful tribute to mans best friend

  • orchidee

    Very sensitive write. Only the most heartless would say 'Snap out of it, it's only a dog'. We know the same for our various pets we have had - guinea pigs, cats, rabbits, mice.... With piggies I get another one quickly to join the one left behind. They don't like to live alone. Yet pets are gone but not forgotten.

  • WriteBeLight

    Such a beautiful tribute to your wonderful pet. It is so very sad when we have to say goodbye. Great work on putting this poem together!

  • jblpoetry

    This is such a beautiful poem & tribute to your dog, I am so sorry for your loss.

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