Trust is like an eraser 

That gets smaller after every mistake 

she doesn't put on that smile 

because she knows she cannot fake 

the fact that she was getting played 


  • Solomon

    This is wonderfully put, brilliant write!

  • Tony36

    Much truth in your words great write

  • ashley23

    Truth hurts a lot but I love this .

  • mariebonilla099

    Awe thank you and big facts

  • devothegreatest

    This poem is amazing good job princess ❤️

  • mariebonilla099

    Awe thank you baby 🔐😊

  • willyweed

    lots of this going around....sadly good point good write!

  • mariebonilla099

    Thank you

  • Goldfinch60

    Trust once lost is almost impossible to get back. Good write.

    • mariebonilla099

      Yeah, I agree with you in that one. And thank you.


      WELCOME MARIE ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ which aptly illustrates the erosive effect of the betrayal of trust. It is very true that each betrayal erodes our trust until in the end there is NOTHING left. Your poem describes this elegantly and succinctly. Thanks for caring and sharing ~ BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems ~ Thanks B

      • mariebonilla099

        I will , and thank you so much. I really Appreciate it .

      • Ash

        Short, simple, blunt but oh so beautiful. well done

        • mariebonilla099

          Thank you today ill post one longer, i hope to see what you like about it.

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