Help me understand

I honestly don’t know

About anything anymore

I hear everyone’s opinions



Don’t go back to him

You deserve so much better

You have a wonderful guy that will do everything and anything for you

A man that understands you

Excepts you for you

Respects you

Why would you want to leave that?

I think to myself

I don’t know


The other man is like a drug

So strong

That I always want to go back for more

That I can’t let go

I can’t stop thinking about it

He is my best friend

Someone I connect deeply with

Someone that makes me laugh and smile

That I think I love with all my heart


We fight

We argue

We yell

We scream

Non stop

It never ends with the arguing

Sometimes I would cry myself to sleep since it was so bad


After the arguing was done


We would go back to loving one another like nothing ever happened…

Now that we are apart…

I understand him more

I know what makes him tick

Know how to communicate with him


The drug is so strong

And pulls me to go back

But why?

Why would I ruin the “perfect” relationship I have with the man I am with now


An ex relationship full of fights







My heart is torn not knowing what to do

Where to go

I can’t make up my mind

I don’t understand why it is so hard

Can anyone

Give me insight as to why

I love this drug so much.

Why I can’t let go

Why I can’t break free


Is it the fact that?

I am meant to be with this drug, the addiction, the thrill?

Help me…





  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed Great write

    • Ash

      Thank you very much.

      • Tony36


      • mariebonilla099

        this is a really nice poem. hope you continue to write.

        • Ash

          Thank you very much, it means a lot to me.

          • mariebonilla099

            No problem

          • Solomon

            Wonderful write!

            • Ash

              Thank you!

            • WG7

              Do whatever your heart wants. Let your brain AND heart chose. Let your institution help. We won't pick for you. Who do you want to be with forever. Who do you think will be a great father and not just a hook up. Chose for yourself. We can't chose your path for YOUR life. Who do you love? Who will be a great husband? Who will be a amazing father? Fighting is good. It means you have a healthy relationship. Though chose what you want. Though most importantly who do you love? Who do you want to be with? Who do you think will be a good influence? Do you think your children (if you would have any) would look up to him? Though if you do break up with the one you're with right now. Dont go with the guy right away. That's not right. Though I think you want to be with the drug because you love him. You guys know each other and how to communicate. If one of them hurts you physically don't be with them. No women needs that. Though I'm not good with relationships or anything because I'm only 14 so I don't got enough...insight. I hope you pick the guy you want. This poem is beautiful. I love it. Though one more thing. Whomever keeps on telling you that you should by with the guy that you have a "perfect" relationship with needs to stop because it's your life not there's. Sorry that I wrote a lot.

              • Ash

                Thank you very much for the wonderful insight. It really helps me a lot. No mater what age you are you can give wonderful advice.

                • WG7

                  You're welcome.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Many relationships can be boisterous to say the least. It is up to you to determine if you want a safe and maybe boring life or one filled with the excitement of the unknown. Good write.

                  • Ash

                    You make a great point, thank you very much.

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