Forgive me

The truth remains the same

Love your neighbour, love each other

Every tear that runs down your face knows the truth

Society seem to be talking lives for a game

I pray that the times will change

But we seem to forget that guns were man made

One bullet can take away a life without shame

Why have we become a potential threat to one another?

I stand by the truth, violence is not the right move

We're living in a time with no guidance ,no foundation,no true protection and its a shame because these are the things we have to rely on

We cant cry no more, not another drop of blood shall be shed because we are scarifies to the dead

I pray for times to change because the truth isn't being proclaimed

Open your eyes and then you will see that humanity is crying because its not hard for us to bleed

The hope we have deep within has no words because it remains in our thoughts where it wont be heard

One day I'll seis to exisit,no longer alive so listen and open your eyes



  • Goldfinch60

    Good write and very true.


    WELCOME CHXNZ ~ THANKS FOR YOUR FIRST POEM ~ Love the pathos. Yes the World is going downhill to HELL. Men make guns ~ men use guns against other men who also have guns, Why do people need a loaded gun in their house ? We don't have them in the UK and its a much cooler place because of it. It takes two to tango and if we will lay down our Arms then there will be Peace on Earth ! Thanks for sharing. Please check my poems ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

  • Tony36

    Great write, much truth in your words

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