6:27 a.m


Today I woke up and my world was dark.

I struggle to get out of bed as the pain in my heart weighs me down. 

My mother tells me I can't miss school again. 

Thats the second time this week

she says. 

I try to explain to her how much everything hurts and I don't even know why. 

She says I'm being over dramatic.

I crawl back into bed, knowing that I lost the fight today but at this point I could care less.

My body has betrayed me and my mind has become my worst enemy. I have no energy to battle against them. 

Get some chores done while you're home

My mother tells me.

But mom, can't you see that I can't even find a way to clean up the mess in myself? 

She doesn't understand.

I don't blame her. 


  • willyweed

    you may need to get some help are you going to the doctor, talking with someone it may help?

  • Goldfinch60

    Good emotive write.

  • CathBee

    this is well written and relate so much right now.

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