Unlit, unwavering I am calm

I ignite, bright, blinding

Burning it is unstable uncontrollable

hot, the flame burns

destroying everything I love,

I am the flame crying

trying to put myself out,

desperate I bleed to murder the flame,

All is gone, only ashes remain

I fall to my knees,

Unlit, withering I am nothing

I sink, lifeless, dark

gasping it is suffocating, painful

cold, the water consumes

escaping everything I destroyed,

I am the water plunging

trying to drown myself,

tired I let myself fall


  • JJCooke

    Loved reading it, wanted to keep reading.

    • anora_aragon

      Thank you <3

      • anora_aragon

        I added some because of your comment, I hope you enjoy

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      • Goldfinch60

        Very good write.

      • Pintu Mahakul

        Blind faith is ignited by bright light of knowledge and self is luminous light that sparks well to judge. Wonderful thoughtful poem is shared here.

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