Defend the child inside you

The more I think-
The more I deep.
The more I deep-
The more I sink.


No need to show,
No need to waive,
Just take it slow
And you will crave.


You'll crave for love
And all its beauty.
You'll crave for stars
That are on duty
On our stage
That it 'll never age,
And will always shine
And show the sign:


The sign of pain
And the endeavor ,
The sign of getting
All for ever.
The sign of peace
And of the burst.
The sign that all
Will come with thirst.


The thirst of knowledge
And accomplish...
The thirst of safety
And the selfish...
But there's time
And time will dance
No need to cut the violin 's strings.


The more I sink-
The more I deep.
The more I deep -
The more I think


.... I think that life is the carousel for the child that lives inside us. Don't let that child disappear, feed him with all he craves for. 



  • Goldfinch60

    The child is still within me as I approach my three score years and ten. Good write.

    • Miss.Steele

      That's what keeps us see the beauty of life and be fulfilled .
      Thank you

    • Fay Slimm.

      Agreed we need to keep our inner child truly alive - a lovely read.

      • Miss.Steele

        Thank you a lot:)
        This gives me wings.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thank you for an elegant first poem on a very beautiful subject ! The INNER CHILD ~ Men of course (as you may have discovered) NEVER grow up ! Ladies have to grow up ~ to keep the WORLD in order. That is why in the UK we have A Lady Queen ~ A Lady First Minister and even a Lady Chief of Police in London because the Men all still act like KIDS ! Love the photo and your written English is very good ! Please check my poems ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

        • Miss.Steele

          I was thinking to initially name this poem "The inner child " or "The child inside us", but this wouldn't probably give strength to my message to the reader.
          That's why I said "defend" .
          Good point, men are kids and they need women to give them the power to feel MEN:)), to let them control.
          The picture was taken 2 years ago, that's my niece about 4 month old. We used to play a song when she was not born yet. Later on,when she was born and was about 3 months old, we noticed she recognized the song. She always stoped and looked through the window when it was playing and sang some notes.
          That's why I chose it.

          It's called "Compte d'un autre été "

        • willyweed

          nice poem, good advise, welcome WW

          • Miss.Steele

            Thank you willyweed.

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