Saturday night...alrite...alrite


Notice of absence from Jooles
I disappear for months on end......just my life but I always come back!

Saturday night and feeling alright
Aching to start this night of right
Tons of clothes on my bed, perfume in the air
Unbelievably living life with no care
Records are playing, the dancing begun
Drinking and singing, tonight will be fun
Armies of friends pilled in to my place
Yummiest mummies heading out someplace

SATURDAY NIGHT is a night of bliss
A NIGHT for a cuddle a night for a kiss
TANGO FANDANGO with some cute nubile miss
U ALWAYS get lucky on Saturday Night ~ all right !
READY FOR FUN ~ to boogie ~ to love
DUCKING & DIVING like a hand in a glove
ALL DISCO lights glowin' like stars up above
YOU and YOUR MATES all have something to prove !
NIGHT is the time for a new romance
I'M ALWAYS ready for some new main chance
GINA or RUBY or YVETTE who's an au-pair from France
HAPPINESS is the theme when I'm in a trance at a dance !
TOMORROW it's Sunday ~ recovering for work on Monday ! !
Thanks for reading please add a new Stanza ~ BRIAN XOX

Saturday’s like any other day
‘And why is that’ I hear you say
That wasn’t always so and I’ll explain,
‘Until recently it was my favoured day,
Retirement changed the state of play
Days of the week became the same
And now I shout hooray hooray
Yes, every day is Saturday’.

  • Authors: Jooles, BRIANSODES, Michael Edwards
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  • Finished: April 2nd, 2017 12:30
  • Limit: 15 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Take Saturday. ...take each letter and make a line of poetry
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  • Jooles

    Love lol

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