She and her thoughts alone

She sits with her and her thoughts alone 

It's not safe she knows 

But she can't help but realize how much she's grown 

She's no longer a saddened little girl 

But now a beautiful young woman 

Ready to give life a whirl 

She thinks now of how she'll face the world as something new

She'll spread her wings and fly because it's something she's always needed to do 

Out on her own and ready to explore 

Because she knows there's always gonna be something more

She is now ready to take the world by storm 

It is then she realizes 

She and her thoughts alone

can be a safe place

because she can make the world her own.


  • Goldfinch60

    The world awaits her, go forward into that world with love and joy.

  • stephanieh1996

    Thank you all I actually quit writing up until a couple days ago :)


    WELCOME STEPHANIE ~ Thanks for your first poem ! Elegantly structured and pulsating with rhyme & rhythm as befits the subject ! "Because she can make the the world her own". TWENTY is an awesome age as I know ~ "Ready to give life a whirl". At TWENTY ~ you really are "Ready to take the World by storm" and "Ready to give life a whirl" ~ let us know how you are getting on ~ every Blessing ~ thinking of you ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems ~ Thanks B

    • stephanieh1996

      Thank you and I definitely will.

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