Falling Faith.


Why should I have Faith?

Most of my life I have followed,

Tried to follow the Christian way,

The way of forgiveness,

That Jesus has shown us,

My wife more so.

But what happens?

Her voice is taken from her,

That voice which has sung your praises,

Sung them for over seventy years!

Now you take her body from her,

So she struggles to get to Church,

But still goes as her Faith is still strong!

And now you take her mind,

Can no longer remember,

Always repeating.

Even now losing her Faith,

Even she questions it,

As do I.

Is this a punishment to me?

What have I done?

Now she suffers

And now I suffer as well,

As my life is spent

Caring for the one I love.

Caring for her,

To keep her safe.

My Faith is going,

Hers is increasing,

But it is changing,

To have Faith in me.

But I am only human

And can only help

Until I fall,

Fall into a chasm of despair.



  • orchidee

    It's difficult. Easy to give 'pat answers', saying He knows, He cares, etc. Yet it is true. I maybe have 'blind faith' or believe naively at times. I know it's easy for me to have faith, even strong faith, when all is cosy, all going well.

  • orchidee

    Yet some churches I think: Why bother to have faith? if it seems to just be bumbling along and getting nowhere. Though that could be just 'having faith in going to church' or in the services. Hold on tight there. I feel it's better to have faith in Him that in ourselves. And then my usual 'I don't know why' is my answer to many things. My hymn-poems seems to state facts. I suppose one could write them and just believe in Psalms as historical records, yet to me they are more than that.


    Thanks for your very frank confession BROTHER ~ It made me sad but at the same time it honestly highlighted some of the issues that test our Faith ~ especially for Christians in later life. You have enjoyed the blessings of Christian Service with a Godly Wife at your side supporting you in all aspects of your Ministry ~ not everyone has such a blessing from the Lord. Remember our Catholic Priests are celibate and have no such blessing. I can understand that your wife's dementia is gradually removing that blessing from you. I have never faced such a circumstance ~ I trust (and pray) that I would be Praising the Lord for all his past blessings. As we grow older we see our Grandparents and Parents die and deteriorate and also we suffer the loss of siblings and people in our extended Family ~ that's life. As Christians we have the privilege of PRAYER and also the assurance that our loved ones are in Glory and that we shall meet them again. You are on my Prayer List GF and I trust that when you count your blessings (past ~ present ~ future) you Faith in GOD will be restored and strengthened ~ AMEN. Yours in Christ ~ BRIAN

  • Goldfinch60

    Thank you so much Brian, my Faith will return. It amazes me, although it shouldn't , on how supportive the people on this site are, thank you and thank you all.

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