Supermarket Meany

Oh, I can see,

You’re one of, those kind.

In a busy grocery store,

Think you’re the only one in line.


You love exceeding,

The 12-item limit,

Takes the poor cashier,

 Forever to finish.


You always mishandle,

 A dozen of eggs,

Once they were good,

Now all cracked, instead.


There you are standing,

In the middle of the isle.

Leaving no room,

For others to get by.


Won’t bring the ice cream,

Back to the freezer,

You dump it to melt,

On a shelf, just leave it.


Yes, that’s you,

One of those kind,

Privileged, in the world,

This goes on in your mind.


Thinking you deserve,

Whatever you wish,

The dictionary’s definition,

Of someone selfish.


I’ve got some news,

I want you to hear,

Get yourself some manners,

Please, start to care.


Being rude to others,

Comes to no good end.

You’ll be left all alone,

Pathetic, with no friends.


  • Garry

    Good rant. Reads well. The ice cream-leavers would realky upset me

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks Garry! I wrote this after a visit to the store and these kind of people were everywhere :)

      • Garry

        We get them in the UK too.
        I guess you get them everywhere. But on the bright sidemost peopke tend to good really.

      • notapoet

        Great write WBL, very entertaining I just love the humor in your writes.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write, I have written a few about my views of people in supermarkets. They are found in the U.K. as well. Politeness seems to be dying in our world.

        • WriteBeLight

          I agree Goldfinch and Thanks. The best time for me is early on a Saturday. Otherwise, it is a nightmare. :)

          • Goldfinch60

            Strangely I go to the supermarket early on a Saturday morning, I can be back indoors by 8:45 normally!

          • Michael Edwards

            I know this only too well. The worst offenders are those who while waiting in the queue fail to get themselves ready - The result: as the goods come through checkout they are still fighting to open their bag, then are slow loading up, then when told how much to pay start looking for their purse and when they do take forever counting out change, and then suddenly remember they may (just may) have some vouchers somewhere if only they can remember where they are and then start up a conversation with the cashier and then get really angry when you show signs of impatience and then block up the exit with their trolley whilst having a conversation with another incoming individual of like mind. Great poem by the way !!!!

            • WriteBeLight

              Ha Ha. Hope you feel better getting that off your chest :) I could not agree more with your experience. The biggest pain in the rear are the people caught up in stupid gossip. GET OUT OF THE WAY I want to scream, but of course, do not. Just politely excuse myself for passing by. Thanks Michael!

            • Christina8

              Great poem! I can't stand those aisle blockers. Or the person that waited till the end of their sale to get out their wallet and write a check as slow as possible, even though they are just scanned and handed back. Get a debit card already! Thats just one example. Great job!

              • WriteBeLight

                Ha Ha. That's funny Christina. I am at the ready the second I start placing items on the belt. I do enjoy food shopping. :)

              • willyweed

                clean up in produce , I try to go when the store is empty? nice write funny girl!

                • WriteBeLight

                  Thanks WW. I remember when we had stores open 24 hours. In the summertime when I was a teenager, a friend and I would sneak out on our bikes in the middle of the night just to cool off, buying ice cream with our babysitting money. And, sometimes being chased by someone's dog. Those were the days!

                • orchidee

                  Good write.

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Appreciate that orchidee!

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