Michael Edwards





She looked forward with new hope.

What did her eyes see?

Was it love?


His face displayed contentment.

Were his dreams answered?

Was it her?


He moved slowly towards her.

Would she reach for him?

Was she there?



  • Goldfinch60

    We will find out, may be tomorrow.

    Like the painting very much. Did you save your ear?

    • Michael Edwards

      Actually working on it at the moment - it will be 6 stanzas long and all summed up in the final one but not quite sure how. Still got two ears...!

      What I am finding a bit odd is stating out with something not knowing where it will end up - usually when writing a poem I have an idea of the ending, or the overall concept, and then work towards it - this one is all the wrong way round especially having committed myself by publishing the early stanzas.

      Thanks Goldfinch.

      • Goldfinch60

        Hi Michael, many times I sit down to write a poem and the ending that I had first thought of changes into a different one while I am writing. One of my poems that I wrote several years ago, not put up on the site yet, confused me as to this day I do not know where the last verse came from but all I can remember is tears streaming down my face as the words went onto the page.
        Writing poetry can be very emotional both at the time of writing and years later when it is read again.

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      • Philip

        Sometimes I will have the last line of a poem and build the poem from there, but I also just start sometimes with no idea where it will finish. I am looking forward to the next verse. Phil.G

        • Michael Edwards

          Next verse tomorrow - see you then!

        • rrodriguez

          Awesome poem Michael...

        • WriteBeLight

          I sure hope they are looking at each other! 🙂

          • Michael Edwards

            I shall not give the game away but just wait - I've penned it all now in between painting picture frames and cutting the lawn. now of to evening meal.

          • Christina8

            Very nice poem. I'll tune in tomorrow! Very nice watercolor!

          • Garry

            Very good, developing well. Love the watercolours.

          • Augustus

            Like a dream

            • Michael Edwards

              Perhaps it is Augustus - we may never know.

            • MendedFences27

              I have a million questions, as I'm sure some of your other readers do as well: Who are they, where are they, do they know each other, is this their first time meeting, are they a couple, etc.?
              Can you answer them all in just three more stanzas? I hope so. - Phil A.

              • Michael Edwards

                Ah perhaps the enigma continues despite the resolution in episode 6. Thanks so much Phil - our clocks went forward this weekend so although Im awake at my usual time the time difference means I can't post the next episode for another half another hour.

              • ron parrish aka wordman

                beautiful sentiment,i read all 3

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks wordman - No 4 just published

                • willyweed

                  can't wait I'll read 4&5 now

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