I Looked Away

I saw a songbird in the sky

I looked away,

when I looked back

A hawk had it.

I left my ice cream in the sun.

I looked away.

When I looked back

It had melted

I had you for awhile

But I looked away.

When I looked back

You were gone


  • Michael Edwards

    Great message - original and absorbing read - nice one Garry

    • Garry

      Thank you. Not funny, but not, i feel, gloomy. Glad you appreciated it

    • B.rod

      Wow this just makes you appreciate those things in life and to not take anything for granted.

      • Garry

        I rarely know what my poems are going about when start them. Most of them are initiated by a nice sounding phrase or interesting, to me at any rate, juxtaposition of ideas. (Sometimes I'm not sure what they're about when I've finished them😊) but i guess your take on it is what I what I wanted.
        Thank you.

      • Tony36

        Well written and expressed Great write

      • Goldfinch60

        Good message, each moment in our lives is precious grab them with both hands.

        • Garry

          Absolutely. Seize the moment.

        • lovelydarkanddeep

          wow this made me stop and think for a minute. thank you, at this moment, this was exactly what i needed!

          • Garry

            Thank you. Hope you enjoyed it as well.

          • Garry

            Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers

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