In the street

They sweep the broken child away

In this world

She has nothing left to say

No time left to say good-bye.

Without the glass she is nothing

She threw her dreams on the fire

And watched them go up in smoke

When they put out the flames

She lost all her hope.

Love doesn't exist

It died at her birth.

Without bricks

She can't build barriers

To keep her heart safe inside

And then she is nothing

But abstract dust.



    WELCOME BB # Thanks for your first and very poignant poem. All our backgrounds on MPS are different and some have very sad beginnings but have survived (just !). I was brought up in a working class home ~ not much LOLLY but a lot of LOVE ! I am grateful for that and empathise with you because of my lack of material things ! I have known people ~ who because of the lack of love in their childhood and teens ~ lost all hope and expired in abstract dust ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems ~ Thanks B

  • willyweed

    all you can do is brake the chain. good write and welcome! ww

  • Goldfinch60

    Sad emotive write, as WW has said break the chain and move forward

  • Bibbeck

    Thanks all for your comments. I'm flattered for being my first one published. I should've stated that this was reflection on some 35 years ago (aged 15). I DID survive and break the chain 'mostly' - this will become apparent through future publishing. I only wish I was strong enough to use experiences to guide others away from becoming abstract dust.

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