CARDINAL ~ STATE BIRD OF KENTUCKY (and 6 other States !)
CARDINAL such a bright red coat
AMERICA'S favorite US State Bird
RED in plumage ~ black eyes & throat
DELIGHTFUL their song I have often heard
INDIANA ~ Illinois ~ Ohio and Kentucky
N CAROLINA ~ Virginia and Virginia West
ALL chose the Cardinal ~ because it was lucky
LOOK closer at one ~ you'll see they chose the BEST
Please add a POEM on your STATE of favorite BIRD

Cardinals that I've seen,
I feel such delight!
I keep cardinal figurines
in a collection, but I might
enjoy watching the
cardinal in the wild
Their beauty unmatched
I feel giddy as a child
Nothing beats a cardinal song
You may think so
but you would be wrong.

The proud robin perches
sedate and composed
and fitfully blushing
the notes he expresses
with tender precision
in nectars sweet trill.

SWALLOWS are the most elegant of birds
WONDERFUL display swooping & grooping
ALONE and single ~ aerodynamic shaped so
LITHE to swoop and dive ~ To be a BIRD ? A
LOVELY SWALLOW I would be ~ envy of all the
OTHER birds as I grooped and swooped and then I
WHOOPED ~ like jet plane ~ the only perfect BIRD !
Thanks for visiting PLEASE ~ PLEASE add a BIRD !

A wagtail bobbed into my ring,
dancing on my cars left wing,
winded by cheap body shots,
featherweight on headlight hooks.
Judges couldn't mark their cards,
both parties went in really hard,
weight advantage nearly broke
the delicate body on the ropes.
Pied fighter rolled and hit the floor,
fledgling fans can't watch much more,
one arm flaps, a cut loose sail,
feathers fall, a thrown in tail.
Before the count car body lurches,
slams itself on tree lined hedges,
spits out soil twists and bounces,
bird limps away backward glances.

The peacock is the queen of birds
We love to watch his dances
we feel sad if we lose our chances
who can deny his credentials?
It will invite the rain
and remove all our pain
in the forest it is the greatest gain
I love to see the real bird but in vain
Those we live int forest
look at his beauty without rest
It is a feast to see her feathers
Let us her beauty sisters and brothers

Perfect parrot ~ from Brazil ~ technicolor
Plume and wicked claws and wicked bill !
The loveliest bird you'll ever see
But please don't take peck at me.
I couldn't put him in a parrot cage
A crying shame ~ don't you agree ?
And so i trained him for the Stage
Polly beautiful and ME !
He could talk and he could sing
Do acrobatics on a bar
Fly backwards through a burning ring
Always favorite with the Clowns ~ a Circus megastar !
We earned a miilion dollars ~ I was the
BRAINS ~ and POLLY just a Parrot
I kept the millon dollars ~ Polly got a carrot ! !
Thanks for visiting ~ PLEASE ADD YOUR BIRD ~ Love BRIAN

The Georgia Brown Bird,
Altogether white and brown,
Lovely Brown Thrasher.
A Haiku By: Jolie Renee

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  • Finished: April 19th, 2017 06:30
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  • Comment from author about the poem: MANUFACTURERS OF AIRCRAFT ~ ALL AGREE ~ THE SWALLOW IS THE PERFECT AERODYNAMIC BIRD ! WE ALL love BIRDS ~ Pleas write a poem about your State Bird or your favorite BIRD ~ even if it's another CARDINAL ! Love BRIAN XOX
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