Life .... doesn't come with a guide

Notice of absence from Jooles
I disappear for months on end......just my life but I always come back!

Life is a lesson that never is learned 

A corner in life you've never quite turned 

The answer you seek then the question it changes 

Many layers it entails. . . . . Heights......depths and ranges 


Sorrow and sadness and humour and love 

Hatred and friendship that fits like a glove 

Turmoil and chaos and beauty so sweet 

Lust and passion it feels like a treat 


Fullfilment that's gained through many a cause 

Then ripped from your soul by the evilest of jaws 

The heartache the tears the numbness inside 

You've cried and you've cried as a part of yous died 


Then laughter again and warmness and fun 

The clouds once again clear and out pops the sun 

The flowers they bloom and bees they take flight 

It's true life is constantly a struggle and fight 


The turmoil inside the feelings it brings 

The way it can make you do stupid things 

The happiness inside the glow of your heart 

Desicions are made that aren't always smart 


Life is an up and life is a down 

As high as a kite then one big meltdown 

Tears of joy will be shed tears of sadness will flow 

Apparently this is how as humans we grow


These feelings are in each of us everyday 

As humans we cannot keep them at bay 

The struggle is real the emotional ride 

It's true life didn't come with a manual or guide


Some days all you can do to keep you afloat 

Is take comfort and look at this poem I've wrote 

It's a big ass world and your not alone 

It's normal to want to have a good moan 


Seek comfort in friends , accept smiles from strangers 

Don't shut yourself off in there lies the danger 

The fog it decends but fight till it clears 

Wether it's a fight through laughter or unhappy tears 


What's the point of a struggle if you do not win

To fight it and battle isn't a sin

Life is a challenge but a blessing as well 

It's hard but it's doesn't need to feel like your living in hell


Take the good with the bad, The happy with sad

The light with the dark, in life leave your mark

Take comfort in knowing we all struggle too

Happiness is something we all pursue 



  • Author: Jooles (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 4th, 2017 16:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: It's s mixed up poem as I wanted to convey hos many conflicted and complicated emotions everyone goes through on a daily basis. I think as humans were all really good at keeping our sadness and problems to ourselves. ...forgetting how many have had similar experiences that we can share and offer support
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    Ohhhhhhhhhh JOOLES ~ this is beautiful and so full of flowing emotion ~ straight from your heat ! Love the structure rhyming couplets in balanced quatrains ~ perfect pulsating poetry. The theme that life is unscripted and spontaneous and full of highs & lows is something we can all empathise with. You have expressed it perfectly ! I am a performance poet and I will recite it at our next poetry reading ~ OK Thanks for caring ~ Poetic Hugs ~ BRIAN

    • Jooles

      Aw thank you! 😊

    • avigail

      lovely :)))

      • Jooles

        Thank you

      • willyweed

        yes the good the bad and the ugly everyday we live it like a ride on the roller coaster, good poem Jooles and fun to read. peace WW

        • Jooles

          Thank you

        • poetboy5454

          This... is just incredible. I'm in awe.

          • Jooles

            Thank you.. that is kind 😊

          • Goldfinch60

            Good write, life is full of ups and downs all we need to do is deal with them.

            • Jooles

              Yeah sadly we do.....some better than others. Thanks 😊

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